About me!


This blog is a travel diary, a journal, open love letters to the world and its inhabitants, humans or not. It's also more and more of a cooking blog, a vegan one  that is, as I love animals and our amazing planet! It's a window on my mind and heart and I hope  you enjoy your read!

I'm Emy, a 22 year-old living in Paris and studying literature and linguistics.
I have a fascination for languages, learning, listening to people's stories and telling my own! Not in the best or most perfect english, but I try my best! I apologize for any mistake that would hurt your  eyes!

In Kyoto. 2012.
I started travelling 4 years ago, doing a very intense and tiring trip through Europe and I've been to a few countries now, England, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Japan, Czech Republic..
I have a few favourites, I've been several times in Hungary, Italy, Germany and Russia but I am excited about going to new and unknown places, a few on the top of my list would be Jordan, South Korea, India or Uzbekistan!

I am in love with books, music and nature. I'm also a high raw vegan who loves cooking and eating, experimenting with recipes and sharing the love, health and happiness through a cruelty-free cuisine!

Kiev.2013. I also LOVE round, big, chubby things.

I've done a bit of modeling in my early time in Paris, I am addicted to changing my hair color, I write short stories, can speak japanese(not fluent) love yoga and running and I'm an expert in 80's music!

You may know me from YouTube, if not, check out my videos, it's by far the best outlet I've found to express myself!

I'm not sure what else to add, I'm not sure that the facts that citruses are my favourite fruits, that I love eastern europe, or am allergic to most soy products really are really interesting to you, right?

I was glad to meet you by the way,
oh and I hope to see you again!

In Venice. 1012.

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  1. Hello! I love your blog <3 I also love travels. My the biggest dream is trip around the world :3 Greetings from Poland! <3

  2. Hello, How wonderful life you live in, I'd like to be polyglot such as you.

  3. こんにちは、

    Je m'apalle Ody, Je suis enchantee de vous rencontrer.

    Please respond me,, lol,,

  4. Hi! My name is Shanaya and I absolutely love French. I'm currently studying french in high and I'm loving it so much. quand je suis plus âgé, je voudrais voyager dans toute l'Europe comme vous!
    I also have a blog; shanayakhan.blospot.co.uk. xxx

  5. Hi Emy,
    I love how you express your thoughts! Seems really fun& peaceful. I could feel the emotions inside your stories :-) anyway, talking about new unknown places, you should try to go to Indonesia! A big country in Asia with many seperates islands inside. There are lot of beautiful nature and beaches, and it almost sunny everyday! Because we only got 2 seasons, sunny& rainy. You should visit Bali-Lombok, Borneo, or raja ampat (papua) there, I promise you'll never regret going there!


  6. Ya tibya lublyu! :D

  7. Hi, I just wanted to thank you for posting those youtube videos. I have found them very helpful. I wanted to learned some basic French since I'll be visiting Toulouse next week. Thanks again.

  8. I love watching your videos! Mon ami et je are studying francais and are dying to visit the country!:( All your traveling videos are so inspiring as cliche as it might seem(:
    -love from California!

  9. Let me tell you, you are beautiful ;)

  10. thank you for your helpful videos, especially with beautiful girls speaking in french (sexy!) lol
    - some indonesian

  11. Thank you, Emy, for your interesting videos!

  12. I really enjoy watching your vlog and reading your blog. I think you inspire me a bit :) I'm keen on travelling just like you and what's more I love(!) learning languages. I'm from Poland and I speak english, as you. But the best thing is that you are French and I love this country and language and I study hard. I would like to be a polyglot ;) I'm younger than you, so maybe in the future.
    To sum up: greetings from Poland and wish you all the best!
    P.S. Come and see my country!

  13. Emmy...nice to meet you...quel est tu Facebook para parlar un peu français...Marco...bisous

  14. Looks like you have fun! :) Keep being awesome!
    --- Greetings from Hungary!

  15. if you liked hungary and italy you should visit croatia. if you visit the coast you'll feel like you're in an alternate reality where france and italy have merged.

  16. Hi Emy, I love your videos and blog. I think the way you live your life is amazing and you are a role model to me. I would love to travel the world except I am from America and don't know other languages than English and couldn't handle being alone and would stick out too much as a Chinese person. I am 18. I admire so much how you speak and study languages, that you study literature at university, that you are independent and travel the world, that you have this online presence, and that you are vegan and live by it! I have been vegetarian since I was 11 or 12 but my parents would get very angry at me and force me to eat meat and purposely not tell relatives so they would serve me meals with meat. I would love to become vegan as an adult but now I still live with my parents. I also had social anxiety (couldn't breathe and had back cramps) from being verbally attacked so much but never went to a therapist and plus no adults ever believed me because I get nervous when I have to speak and stumble over my words so they think I'm lying or exaggerating. You are living my dream! I know Americans romanticize Europe, but growing up there instead of America you live in a more cosmopolitan environment, learn to speak foreign languages, and is it more liberal too? There is a lot about America I don't like including racism and sexism and the big divide between the rich and poor and the shame society, but there are things I should be grateful for too including: English was my native language, material goods are easy to come by, food and water are easy to come by, the government is powerful in international affairs. But, among the people I know Americans I know are some of the most disgustingly entitled and narcissistic and vindictive, and the adults are terrible parents. Really! Not talking about my own; I have gone out in public and seen "normal" parents and they are horrible, shaming kids by calling them "rude" and saying in a cutting voice that they can't have a toy after asking if they want it, and being condescending and didactic because they think other adults are watching them. It's just terrible and I feel really sorry for the kids who are unable to defend themselves and still have to live with them for 21+ years. Ugh, the worst is when the adults shame the kids for being immature or rude (guess what the adult is) and then requires the child to be gracious and mature to the adult. Disgusting. I wonder is Europe the same way?

  17. So I found you via youtube; while searching for Asexual documentaries :)
    And I think your awesome!
    umm yeh im hoping you have the social site account facebook. Thats the main account I frequent
    Rebecca Clark

  18. Yo have no idea how much i admire you, pass by some day in Central America, you'll like El Salvador, thanks to you i wanna learn French, and i love the way you see and get along with life,

  19. Hello!
    I've been following your vlog and try to immitate your yoga exercises!
    Don't worry about anxiety it does not unfortuantely go away with age. The trick is to learn dancing under the rain, like you've been doing.
    Your videos are a breath of fresh air. Keep them up!

  20. Hello, I think your youtube videos are well-informed and helpful and your blog is really interesting! I am from Singapore, I encourage you to visit this place, and I am Indian, so I would encourage you to visit India too! Also, I study linguistics too. Keep up the good work!

  21. i wanna learn french! lol but it's hard to shape the sound! kk (korean boy)

  22. i wanna learn french! lol but it's hard to shape the sound! kk (korean boy)

  23. You look very good for someone who is over a thousand years old! ;-) [hint: check under your picture]

  24. (This is an essay - sorry! Also published msg on here as I can't find an email. Hope you don't mind Emy. Wanted to 'tweet' you this after watching your Raw Emotion Video #22.)

    I get so much hate for my beliefs, so forgive me folks! but before you even mentioned your belief, I sensed God was with you. Your care and love for all life shows me that you have the father's heart and you shouldn't be ashamed to be so different, because God has made you this way. I also feel that your elevated conscience and need to protect yourself intimately, is God's way of protecting you and showing you, you want something deeper and long-term perhaps? If you're his daughter, he would only want the best person to be with you. Someone who will love you as much as God does. Please also forgive me for this, but I was raised Catholic, but became a Christian in the last two years and it says in the Bible, to have a relationship with God, you need to accept Jesus first. When I did that, I've experienced so many supernatural moments with God it's incredible! John 14: 6. You're a very open woman so I hope you might be able to be open to this idea...I prayed for you after watching your video #20. I felt God wanted you to read Isaiah 41:10. I am not the best Christian in the world but like you, have been looking for 'truth' for a long time and know in my heart, it is the truth...I also suffer with all the things you struggle with, such as anxiety, depression etc. We are so alike. You're so beautiful and so loved and I hope that you find the peace you're looking for one day. I don't always rely on God and when I don't, I'm often without peace too lol. Love and prayers from Niamh x

    1. I am a Christian too. Did you see her video on "God and Spirituality?" It sounds like she had a very cool encounter with God.

    2. Yes I did :) I don't really like saying I'm a Christian, as it seems a dirty word lol but I guess, I'd like to be more like Jesus if that makes sense! Thanks for writing to me :)

      *Emy, you should try reading "Blue Like Jazz" by Donald Miller xox

  25. p.s. Your story about Peter on the water, helped me, so thank you :)

    I doubt God all the time - oops!


  26. Hi there Emmy, I found this blog to your polyglot video, impressive! I love learning languages too but so far the only languages I'm speaking is Indonesian (which is my mother tongue) and English... I hope you'd visit Indonesia someday, this country has so many hidden gems in it as I believe France also is! Cheers from Jakarta! xoxo

  27. Hi there!!!! I just wanna tell you: congratulations!!! My name's Kember Sánchez, I'm form Venezuela. I'm about to be an English teacher, and I think you are REALLY fluent. Besides, the other languages you're learning are hard, but no matter that, you just have a nice pronunciation. I love languages as well, so I'm trying to learn Arabic and Russian (they're both haaaard LOL). Take care!!!!

  28. Hello! :)

    I was actually curious as to how you managed to put the external links for different social mediums (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on your main page. I seem to be a Neanderthal with all this and would love your help!

    Please and thank you!!!

    -Natali Camacho

  29. Salut, Emy. J'aime votre methode de youtube. Vous aimez voyager. Avez-vous l'intention d'aller dans mon pays, l'Indonésie? Nous avons un endroit intéressant, comme Temple de Borobudur à Yogyakarta et une belle île, Bali. Je vous attends. Je t'aime. Envoyez vos messages à mon email: salim_okay@yahoo.com. Mes salutations,

  30. Привіт Emy

    Found your French Lesson videos when looking on YouTube for quick ways to learn some French before visiting Gruissan Plage to see for myself the chalets on stilts featured in the film ‘37°2 le matin’ (English name ‘Betty Blue’).

    I really like your style of presenting, and I am now catching up with your other videos.

    Looking forward to getting to know you better through your videos and now also your blog. You are an amazing person and I both admire and respect you for what you’re doing.

    Will you be doing anymore French Lesson videos?

    Your English is excellent, but I love listening to you speaking in French – I could listen to you all day, even though I understand very little, and I enjoy your French poetry readings.

    Best wishes


    P.S. Glad you liked Kyiv.

  31. hi Emy :)
    My name is Doha, I am 21 years old and I'm from Lebanon and I live there. When I first saw your videos on youtube I was actually looking for some french lessons, I watched one of yours, and that's how I spent the next hours watching your other videos (vlogs, travels, food...). I mostly like the vlogs, they give me a bit of joy and inspire me to do beautiful things in life. Today was the first time I saw your blog, and I was really glad to find it.
    Sorry for my english I tried my best.
    PS: my native language is arabic, I studied french since I was like 4 or 5, english since I was 11, and planing on learning a new one, maybe Farsi I don't know :)

  32. Super blog! Et quelques vidéos bien sympathiques sur youtube, j'ai notamment beaucoup ri en regardant "ce qu'il ne faut pas faire en France".
    Tu parles donc combien de langues?
    En tout cas, tu as une sacrée chance d'avoir pu et de pouvoir voyager autant, j'espère pouvoir t'imiter plus ou moins prochainement.

    A tantôt


  33. Olá, estou encantada com o seu blog. Também sou estudante de literatura, mas moro no Brasil.

  34. Hello! Emy! I'm so glad to discover your videos on YOUTUBE! We have so many things in common!!!! I often travel between Paris and Brussels.
    I 'm so in love with English language but I have to practise!!!! I really love vegan delicious food!! ( I'm vegetarian) I like cooking!!!
    I met a few asexual people from Paris. They are so nice and open-minded!
    Do you know ( the french site) forum-asexuel.fr ?
    Sorry I'm going to continue in french ( cause I have to search for the words in English so it could take me 2 hours to write you) Next time I will write you only in English I promise!!
    Je comprends assez bien l'anglais mais pas parfaitement il y a beaucoup de mots que je ne comprends pas mais bon si je me remets à lire et à continuer de regarder des films en anglais je vais pouvoir progresser.
    Je me suis inscrite sur ce forum parce-que moi aussi je suis une personne complètement hors les normes ( je précise que je ne suis pas asexuelle) mais plutôt une femme soft- sensuelle-sexuelle j'ai des réticences pour certaines pratiques et donc je ne m'entends pas avec des trop S c'est la raison pour laquelle je pense m'entendre avec les asexuel(les)
    Ma principale recherche sur le forum asexuel c'est de faire des rencontres amicales.
    J'adore les photos de tes voyages! Merci pour les recettes VEGAN!!
    You are a wonderful person!
    Let's stay in touch!



  35. grâce à vous, je compris mon propre état Je suis conscient de la biologie, mais n'a jamais réussi à réaliser que je suis semblable à vous

  36. I agree. You are absolutely beautiful. Much love from Texas.

  37. Bonjour, je suis tombé sur ton site après avoir vu quelques unes de ton vidéos youtube. J'aime aussi voyager (quand j'en ai les moyens!) et la littérature (j'ai bien aimé tes vidéos sur la poésie, tu devrais en faire une sur Verlaine).
    Bref, je te souhaite plein de bonnes choses.

  38. Bonjour Emy, J'ai trouvé par hasard ton blog et ton chaine YouTube en recherchant la poésie française. J'aime beaucoup tes vidéos en français parce que j'étudie le français depuis 3 ans. Je voudrais améliorer ma compréhension par écouter les vrais français ! Tes vidéos sont vraiment interessantes ! Je suis américaine, et j'ai pris mon premier voyage en France en septembre (avec mon mari). J'adore ton pays ! Merci beaucoup pour les vidéos et ce blog...tes photos sont belles, et j'aime beaucoup lire des autres personnes qui voyagent ! (Désolée pour mes fautes de français!)

  39. Hello Emy! I hope you're fine! I watched one of your videos: 50 facts about me!
    I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one who doesn't want to have kids!
    I have a Facebook: Evi Diamandi ( je suis toute vierge encore sur Facebook) Mon profil est incomplet!!!
    Je suis artiste de scène ( humoriste) Je travaille sur mon spectacle qui s'appelle:


    c'est la raison pour laquelle je voyage beaucoup entre Paris et Bruxelles.
    Si tout va bien mon one-woman-show sera prêt en fin mars (avril) 2015

    Je t'ai invité ( en amis) J'espère qu'on se parlera en live sur Facebook bientôt!

    Marry Christmas!!!


    De la part de Evi

  40. Bonjour Emy,

    J'ai trouvé récemment votre vidéos sur Youtube, et j'aime beaucoup votre honnêteté et votre empressement de partager votre vie avec nous, c'est une inspiration de voir quelqu'une qui n'a pas peur de discuter des sujets un peu controversés.

    J'aime les langues aussi. l'Anglais est ma langue maternelle et je parle l'afrikaans aussi, mais j'essai d'apprendre le français et l'espagnol...puis l’Allemagne un jours, peut-être Japonaise aussi (bien que je récupère encore depuis un an d'essayer apprendre le chinois).

    J'aime beaucoup de voir vos voyages, je veux voyager mais j'habite en Afrique du Sud, donc c'est très cher (et plus loin) de voyager a l’Europe.

    Anyways, I just wanted to say "Hi" .Perhaps, one day you will travel to sunny South Arica?

    Kind Regards,
    Simone :)

  41. Hi Emy . I'm glad to know you. You're a vegan. That's good. Vegan lifestyle will make us healthier. Looking forward to seeing more posts.

  42. Hello from the US! I found your blog through one of your YouTube videos. I'm trying to learn French and everything about France. You have a very cute blog. And a surprise that you're vegan too. :) God bless your country and Paris, I'm sorry for what's happened in recent events. Hope things get better.

  43. HI! I'm a 20year old girl from Korea. It's interesting how you wanna go to Korea because I wanna go to France! Actually, I'm learning French and planning to apply the exchange student program to go to a university in Paris. I subscribe your channel because I like to learn French culture. Anyway you are cool! You should visit Korea someday! I saw many foreigners like Korea! Bye bye ^.^

  44. Hi I found your blog while looking for youtube videos to learn some French and learn about Paris. I learned a lot from you and will keep learning more so thank you.I also saw that you taught yourself Japanese and watched your vlog in Japanese. I thought it was great. I will continue watching and reading. I will going to Paris with my Japanese fiancee in July/August and if you were there we would like to meet you and talk in Japanese, English or French. You can also visit us in Japan and even visit us in New Zealand some day. I watched one video that where you said you want to go to NZ/Japan one day. I am from Chrstchurch and my fiancee is from Shizuoka.(i am living in Shikoku now) Well even if we dont meet I am glad I found you. Thank you. Blair

  45. Hello Emi. There is a retreat camp for college student and young professional in Texas, USA this summer that I think you might be interested. All meals are vegetarian. I could support you financially if you want to come. No string attach. Just thought that you would enjoy the retreat and that other people would enjoy your company and perspective. I will check this message later.

  46. Hi/Bonjour
    J'ai regarde quelques unes de tes videos que je trouve tres rafraichissantes. Alors juste ce petit mot pour t'encourager et j'en profite pour une courte lecon de grammaire anglaise.
    Je suis francais mais je vis a Londres avec une anglaise comme epouse. Elle m'a bien appris qu'on dit dans la plupart des cas "if I were" et non pas "if I was". Regarde la difference entre les deux... cette faute est tres commune meme en Angleterre donc rien de tres grave. Comme ca m'a saute aux oreilles dans l'une de tes videos et que tu as l'air intelligente je me suis dit que ce petit conseil ne serait pas perdu.
    Good Luck!

  47. Hi :)
    I wanted to thank you because you really inspired me! Since I'm half french, I understand every video of yours (and it makes me very happy!).
    Love you so much! xx

  48. Hello Emy!! I received your newsletter and I'm so glad to hear from you!!
    I'll be back to Paris at the end of march I'm so happy ( I miss PARIS)!!
    Something unbelievable happened to me!!!! I met an asexual person and I fell crazy in love!!!!!!!!! We've been together for a long time and it was great ( I mean in the beginning of our relationship everything was so wonderful!!!! I would say very romantic!!!
    We've been always in the arms of each other (hugs and kisses) It was my first asexual love!!
    This wonderful person always asked me questions: Are you sure you can be with me like this without having a physical relation? Being in my arms ( kisses and hugs and massages) Is it enough for you? You can't imagine how many times I had to reassure my A love!!!
    Of course we're not together anymore!!! This person let me down and broke my heart!!
    I'm disappointed!! It's been a very long time that I had not fallen in love anymore!!!!!!!!
    I'm not the kind of person who really believes in love!!!
    I thought it could be possible with an A person I think this person was affraid and could not trust me and believe that I really can be with someone without ( making love)
    I know my body very well I don't need anyone to satisfy me!!!!!
    I'm not asexual but I could be for someone that I really LOVE!!! I'll never be frustrated!!!
    I would say that I have a part of asexuality in me!!
    Le salaud de cupidon !!! I ask myself so many questions!!!! What's is love? Is it something we feel in our hearts but it's not for a long time?
    Love is it for a short time? Is it something magical?
    Is it only a physical attraction and we call that thing LOVE???
    I don't know what to think? Who's the ONE? My god! If I continue I'll write you a romance!!
    You know, I'm not sad it's ok for me I'm not in love anymore!!!
    Sorry if I make misakes in English I really try to do my best!!
    Waiting for your new videos on Youtube!!
    Je t'adore Emy!!
    Thanks for reading my long story!!!
    Gros bisous


  49. Hi Emy.
    I've been watching your youtube videos for about a month and I wanted to tell you that you inspire me a lot, I like the way you express everything. Even when you don't give an important message, I enjoy every single one your videos very much.
    I'm not having the best time of my life right now, but I can find a lot of motivation thanks to you, and I really mean it, watching your videos helps me clear my mind and feel better every day.
    If you get to read this message, I want you to know that you are such an inspiration for my, and I want to thank you for doing the YouTube videos, I know it might sound exaggerated but, everytime I get to watch your videos I have the best time.
    So thank you very much. I hope you are doing great.
    I wish the best for you.
    By: Angel

  50. Hi :) . Ich bin echt glücklich darüber dich auf youtube gefunden zu haben! Du bist total inspirierend und ich bewundere dich für deine Sprachkenntnisse. In drei Monaten werde ich ein Auslandsjahr nach Frankreich machen und freue mich schon jetzt darauf.

    I am so happy that I have found you on youtube. You are totally inspiring and I admire you for your language skills. I am going to do an exchange year to France in three months and I really looking forward to it.

    Grüße aus Deutschland! Greetings from Germany!

    I am sorry for all mistakes which are in this short text but I am working on it.

  51. Hello

    Un végétalien, non-violent de Guadeloupe te remercie pour la pub pour nos bananes!!!

    Peace and Love

  52. Emy, I enjoyed the video "What not to do in France" made with your sis (?), it's really funny and hopefully useful. You're also joyous, pretty and communicate very well. Perhaps you could become an excellent journalist, or show woman or TV presenter if you choose to pursue such a career....:)
    Keep up the good work, gorgeous...:)

  53. Life is good! live your fairytail but bare in mind that life is hard for most people... Always be thankful for what you enjoy.

  54. Bonjour Amy!
    Votre blog et vos vidéos et votre Instagram, il est ce que je suis impatient de. Je suis en train d'apprendre le français et de votre vidéo youtube a été d'une grande aide.
    Merci beaucoup.

  55. 1012... 1003 years ago...

  56. you movies are very beautiful and I want to use them to teach French

  57. about your point of view I agree with you. You are very beautiful. It doesn't matter if you are slim or not. The most important is that you feel good and fine in your body and you like yourself. do not forget this. You are also very intelligent. Yes I am a man and like every man I like your beautifulness but I can also appreciate your intelligence. You can speak several languages and your point of view about a lotf of subjects is so interesting. A man can appreciate you also by learning to know you. I hope to exchange some points of view a day with you. I encourage you to continue to create some movies and iit will be a pleasure to watch them.
    my skype is cheret_laurent

  58. Hello there,

    I've seen some of your videos and read some of your notes. I really enjoy and share your vision of the world. You are the most beautiful and gorgeous woman I've seen in my life. I may be crazy but I'm really in love with you. Keep the good work.


  59. Salut Emy, j'adore ton blog. Très cosmopolite, philanthropique...i really enjoy. Especially the linguistic part. In Deinem Vlog habe ich gehört Du möchtest Deutsch wieder praktizieren? Schau doch mal auf meinem Blog vorbei. I write about lifestyle, languages and Interculturality -> http://charme-und-melone.blogspot.de/
    Ich würde mich freuen. à bientôt - Charme

  60. Bonjour!

    I just discovered your Youtube channel! I watched "What not to do in France" and I want to thank you. Honestly, I would probably be the one to get caught doing a "no-no" in France. I've always wanted to visit Paris and kinda have a crush on French culture. Sometimes I'll fantasize about moving to moving to Paris and starting the next Lost Generation---then I realize I'm stuck in Texas.

    I've been fascinated with French and Spanish culture ever since taking language classes. To me, it was an opportunity to learn not only the language, but also how things are done there; a day in the life of Paris is different than a day in the life of Austin, TX.

    I've enjoyed your posts and I hope you keep them coming! I gotta live vicariously somehow... Maybe one day I'll get across the pond.


  61. Hello Emy! Nice blog! You have to visit Chile. 😉

  62. Hi Emy, thanks for your YouTube videos, I must say you inspired me a lot! I figured out that being french does not mean you can't speak english properly. Your english pronunciation is very good, nice work. Thanks to you, I started to become a vlogger. It turned out to be a good way to reorient myself, though. I speak Japanese and I'm kind of vegan too so I feel like you are my Sensei ^^

  63. Bonjour Emy,(de France)
    Je voulais te remercier et te dire à quel point, tes 2 vidéos en français sur le Vegan m'ont touché. En fait je devrais plutôt dire, transpercé. je suis végétarien depuis 10 ans et ne bois plus de lait de vache depuis quelques années, mais je mangeais encore du fromage et quelques produits laitiers. Tu as remarqué j'ai employé l' imparfait. Dans ces vidéos, tu es impressionnante de conviction, tu parles avec ton coeur et cela donne à ton discours une puissance incroyable. je vais les transmettre à mon entourage... J'ai une question pour toi : en ce qui concerne le miel et sa non consommation , peut tu m'en donner les raisons.
    Encore merci, tu es quelqu'un de très inspirante.
    om shanti. Jean-Pierre ou Nirayan
    je te note mon mail (c'est la première fois que j'envoie un commentaire sur un blog !!!)

  64. Hey, Emy!
    Glad to know you, didn't know how a simple video can make someone
    know this better.
    I love the idea of stop surviving and start living.
    You are an amazing by person.
    in love with your eyes.
    Don't stop things you're in love.

  65. Hi, I am currently an american student (also vegan) living here in paris and i am desperate to pass my french class, i am really struggling and i was wondering if you could please help me? I would also love to get to know the city and what better way than to ask you, a vegan Parisian who is also teaches french :)

  66. Dear Emy, I'm no longer able to comment on your videos. Did you change something?

  67. Hi I really like your videos as well as your blogs

  68. Bonjour Emy! Your videos are wonderful and you have a beautiful mind!



  69. Whenever I go through your blog it inspires me. And one more thing you are looking really attractive in second pic (with umbrella) on this page .. it must be because of hair color :)

  70. Thank you for sharing this and for your videos, you are making a HUGE difference for all of us. I wish you the best :)

  71. Hello
    I'm a Korean. and I read your comment that you want to travel to South Korea.
    I hope to see photos about Korea in your video or brog. :)

  72. hello :)
    My name is Emma, and im from Indonesia.. i have plan for continuing study to france for bachelor degree.. can i get a recommended university from you that good for architecture? Or, what city and place that comfortable and suitable for student?
    ok, for the last can i get your email?
    Thank you :) Merci :)

  73. Should one has choice living in any city of the world, what would be your recommendation?