jeudi 24 avril 2014


On our way to Budapest, we stopped in Munich for a day and wandered around the city for a few hours. Munich is actually one of the first cities I visited when I was in middle school with my german class, but we barely spent a couple of hours there and it was a long time ago. 
Though I could tell I had been there before, it felt pretty new, and just like about everywhere in Germany it was a very pleasant and nice city. 
Despite the cold and clearly not enough hours of sleep, I definitely enjoyed spending some time in the city, discovering some amazing churches, enjoying some hot tea near the Rathaus and walking among fruits and vegetables on a streetmarket.

Ah Germany I already miss you.

vendredi 4 avril 2014


It's this time of the year again.
In Japan sakura are blooming, the streets are covered with light pink petals, parks filled with people drinking, eating, laughing celebrating hanami. Japan is connecting to its deepest identity and beauty, magnificient and delicate. And I am here in Paris, miles and miles away. But I cannot keep my mind from wandering, faster than a plane, miles are easily forgotten and I am there, in Kyoto like two years ago, probably close to the happiest I have ever been.

These pictures were taken in the park of the imperial palace in Kyoto, which gardens are breathtaking. But this is obviously not the only memorable time we came across sakura during our 2weeks stay in Japan. The ones around the imperial palace in Tokyo this time, were as impressive and beautiful.
I remember this day perfectly. It was a gloomy and heavy day, the air was thick and humid, for sure a storm was making its way onto the capital city. Yet, the atmospheer was peaceful and soothing. This day it rained on us. And I thought, those flowers so small and fragile, what a terrible assault it must be to be hit by a drop of water. Their petals were being torned and scattered across the floor. Even their death looked beautiful.

As I walk in paris streets, in my favourite park a few meters away from home, here they are again, the cherry trees. They look as beautiful as always. And as I raise my hand and softly touch their flowers, it's like Japan isn't that far away.

But really ... I miss it.

mardi 1 avril 2014

Vegan chickpeas freshmint cookies!

On my last expedition to the market with my sister ( you can watch it here) I bought a lot of fresh mint. Maybe too much. And even after using with salads, dishes, to make lemon iced tea ... I was left with many leaves and I didn't want them to go to waste. 
I used to really dislike the taste of mint, just like cinnamon, or pineapple for example (surely I was out of my mind!), but lately I've come to really enjoy putting it in everything. or almost. Talk about obsessive personality.

This time around I wanted to try something sweet, and quite naturally the association mint-chocolate came to my mind. 
And I fell upon this chickpeas cookies recipes. That was it. 

Ever since I became a vegan I've been fearless with food and recipes. Tell me you used broccoli to make a cake, I'd believe you and taste it without any apprehension. And I happen to love chickpeas. It seemed to me it was a perfect way to make interesting, easy, healthy cookies, using only a tablespoon of flour... And I was right!