mercredi 29 février 2012

My eyes are screaming for the sight of you.

I've been studying a lot lately. Every day about 40kanjis to study, grammar rules to remember and exercises+vocabulary. I'm trying my best, because I really don't want to fail this time. 
Therefore, I don't have interesting things to post here, sorry guys !
I thought I would show you some little pictures of my everyday life. I don't think it's really enjoyable but oh well.
I used to hate eating breakfasts, but now ... I love it. It's almost my favourite meal. And as you can see... it's quite big.
Then this is what my days look like. Japanese japanese&japanese. Plus tea&this chocolate panda. looks cute, but tastes horrible.
And you may know that I'm on a diet, in which I completely cut carbs&fat. Therfore most of my meals look like this. Veggies :D


samedi 18 février 2012

Tod und Verzweiflung flammet um mich her!

Wow. Reading this blog may give the illusion that I actually do have a life and go out times to times.
But yeah. This is only an illusion.
This saturday I woke up quite late, almost noon. I have been feeling a bit sick lately, I guess I caught a cold or something. Trying to fight the cold with short skirts this is what you get I guess.
My roommate and I went to visit the Opera, thing that I had been wanting to do FOR AGES. And I wasn't disappointed in the least.  This was gorgeous. Pictures don't even pay it justice, so if you are in Paris this is a place you should absolutely go and see. Absolutely gorgeous and very dreamlike.
I actually love operas, but really don't know a lot about it. I need to correct this.

jeudi 16 février 2012

That was then and this is now.

While my friend was in Paris with me, we went to the museum of modern arts, thing that I probably would have never done, since this is really not the kind of art I like.
However, it turned out to be pretty interesting and eventhough it didn't change my views on art, I found some really interesting pieces there. I am a pretty oldschool person, very oldschool, as for litterature, painting, poetry or even music but it's nice to see things you're not used to seeing right?

I fell in love with this painting. I don't know what is so attractive to me but I really loved it.

I look like a fat potatoe but it was so cold this day.

& obviously I had to include her in this post. This is what you could see from the museum.

dimanche 12 février 2012

Happy Sunday.

What a chance it is, to find 1hour away from home, the castle of Versailles.
Living in Paris is such a pleasure, everyday is an opportunity to find beauty and discover something magical.

Versailles is a magnificient place. I had already visited the gardens, but never the castle itself, so I was quite excited to visit it today.  
Staring at these amazing paintings, decorations, sculptures kind of made me feel nostalgic of that time when art was so breath taking. I was so amazed by the attention  to the small details, that made every piece of art so realistic and impressive. I miss this hardwork, this adoration for beauty and how artists were able to produce such amazing works. Too many things today are too easy, too simple,  too empty. I wish there were more artists willing to pay a tribute to life, love, beauty just like they did at that time.