lundi 2 juillet 2012

Teenage Dream.

Separations are the saddest thing ever. I just hate having to say goodbye. Babysitting these three little girls taught me more about myself&life than I ever thought it would. I just didn't know you could love children like that, when they were not even related to you in any way. The way the used to tell me 'Emeline I love you', Emeline you're pretty, Emeline I missed you, play this game with me... is one of my happiest memories. I miss them so much, it's actually really heartbreaking. I am going to miss them so much.  And today is my first monday of not babysitting them. It was a sad day. I just hope I can keep in touch with them even a tiny bit, I hope they'll become amazing women, just like the amazing little girls that they already are. I wish them the best in life,and I hope that they will always remember me even a little.

The sky makes me feel good. We're all under the same blue gigantic roof, this amazing and tender entity, that sees every single day of ours. It also sees the ones of my beloved ones, the ones of those who are lonely. Under this sky people laugh&cry, people love&are in pain. It makes me less lonely when I look up and see this blue, that never flows. This blue that says, no regrets just Love. It's up to you to make beautiful memories of everything. You know, my heart belongs to someone, who isn't even aware of that, my heart belongs to someone I don't want to be with. I'm stuck in this impossible, unrequited love.But I feel free, I feel grateful. I shall write another entry, or maybe even do a video about that, because I feel like my experience could be helpful to a few.

Apricot smoothie. deliciouus:)

kimchi rice. One of the best comfort foods.