mercredi 25 juin 2014

Life in Paris - Museum&the Eiffel.

I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, yet I never seem to post pictures or write about it. This must change! What a waste! What was I thinking?!
Ok let's end this self-flagellation moment and start writing this post.

I'm not a big fan of modern art, but since my last trip to Budapest and the visit of the Art Gallery, I've found myself more and more interested in contemporary art. Every year in Paris, at le Grand Palais, is held an exhibition of modern art, and I remember going there a few years ago,

nostalgy anyone? It's crazy how time flies by.. I look so young on these pictures, and so many things were different. One thing that hasn't changed though is my opinion on the exhibtion of this year. 3euros still seem too much to see a pile of clothes with the sound of an heartbeat resonating in the silence, if you ask me. 
However, this year was different. Intrigued I read about the exhibition online and decided to give it a try. I was actually excited about it, and it didn't disappoint. I still feel like I'm not able/educated/familiar enough to enjoy that kind of art fully, but I can enjoy it now... when I used to just stare at it and wonder why the hell I was here.

This year the exhibition was featuring the work of two russian artists, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, which was the creation of an utopian city, full of angels, cosmic power and magical gates.

The great thing about Paris is that it's beautiful almost everywhere, and that it's small. Which means that the Eiffel is never too far away, and this "museum" happens to be pretty close from the Eiffel so obviously, my sister&I couldn't resist walking a little bit along the Seine to say hi to the prety iron lady.

It's funny how it feels like the first time every single time I see her. Without fail, my heart always beats a bit faster, my palms get a bit sweaty and I cannot help but smile. After all, I do live in the most beautiful city in the world.

Let me know if you like that kind of daily life posts or not :) I'd love to write about some of my favourite places in Paris and such if you'd like to read about it! so let me know! 

vendredi 20 juin 2014

Vegan basics - zoodles&smashed garlic potatoes.

If I had to pick only one thing I could say about vegan food, it would be that it's EASY to come up with delicious vegan dishes. I often get questions from people asking me how to transition to veganism, how to eat enough, what to eat, what to buy ... And ... as much as I'm more than happy to help( really, don't hesitate to ask me anything) I'm always a bit surprised at those questions, because it's really a no-brainer! Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want, with delicious sauces, with pasta,cereals,tofu,beans and spices ...
Today I didn't have much time nor a ton of crazy ingredients (not that it usually happens anyway) and I thought it would be nice to share with you a typical ,easy and cheap yet amazingly delicious dinner.
It's not really a recipe post, but I sure hope you can get inspiration from it and try out these cruelty free, healthy and supergood dishes!

I had those amazingly tender white zucchini, and couldn't resist but making zoodles( understand, noodles made of raw zucchini), and a homemade,tasty,salt free tomato sauce. You could choose to use a vegan pesto, or a parsley/lemon/avocado creamy sauce, but tomato sauce is just my favourite. I use fresh tomatoes cut in small pieces, a bit of garlic&onion, some tomato puree, balsamic vinegar, a bit of brown or coconut sugar and basil, let it cook until it's slightly thick and voilà !
Easy but always a winner!

I could eat it just like that. Seriously.

First dish is done!

We also had potatoes. Potatoes are one of those foods you always want to have around, they're so good, versatile and since I started eating according to the rawtill4 diet, I can enjoy them as often as I want! Those days of looking at them with guilt(more like staring and drooling) thinking carbs are bad, are definitely over, and ... that's a relief!

I got inspired by a recipe I  found on edible perspective(which by the way is my new favourite blog, I've said it) and decided to try the smashed crispy garlic potatoes. I just had to boil the potatoes until a bit tender, then smash them gently(didn't turn out perfect because they were too big), and then put them in the oven with olive oil, garlic, fresh herbs, black pepper and a bit of salt.

Go try it now! I have a feeling I'll do them again before the next weekend. Just saying.
And that's it. Add some fresh fruits, or vegan ice cream for dessert and you're ready to go!and eat!

Bon appétit !

vendredi 13 juin 2014

The best vegan chocolate chip cookies.

It's a bit funny to think I've never been a huge cookies enthusiast yet that's the second cookies recipe on my blog. I guess they're just so easy and quick to make that it ends up becoming one of everyone's favourites!
Those cookies are definitely now one of my favourite easy&quick&suretoimpresspeople recipe, 
I've actually done it twice in two weeks for my sister&I, and a third time to send to my father for father's day. 

They're just THAT good!

I filmed a recipe video ,

but thought you'd like to see the recipe written down as well, so here we go!

You'll need :
 2-3generous tbspoons of coconut oil, melted.
3/4 of a cup of brown sugar
1/4 of a cup of non dairy milk
1tspoon of baking powder&1tspoon of baking soda
2cups of flour
chocolate chips!

Preheat the oven to 180°C (356 F). Once the coconut oil is melted, mix it with the sugar, then the milk and mix well. Then add the flour and the baking powder&soda, keep mixing. At this point you should get a very coconutsmelling dough, in which you now want to add the chocolate chips.
All you've got left to do is form small balls, place them on a cookie sheet and press them a little bit  with the palms of your hands. Place in the oven for between 8 to 10minutes, and they're done! 
Let them cool a little bit and enjoy ! :)

samedi 7 juin 2014

Italian summer.

Is there somewhere in the world that screams summer more than Italy? or more so, voluptuously whispers it in your ear?
In my world, no. Every june, starting right when the first warm and summery sunshine rays hit Paris, I wake up and go to bed thinking of Italy, and especially Venice. When I open my window, breathing in the morning air, it's the fresh and sea air that I smell, and when I'm reading sitting on a bench, I can almost feel the waves and it seems to me that the bench is like a boat, pitching.
What I love about Venice, is something you cannot describe accurately, is something you must go to experience. It's something magical and unique. Venice is really like no other.
Entering the city is like being given the keys of a wonderful, beautiful enchanted world, where buildings are all worth staring at, the streets all worth wandering in, the smells all worth smelling, a world, where basically beauty is everywhere.

Unfortunately, it seems I'm not going to Italy this summer. Not enough time, not enough money but mostly, not ready to face the heat of July or August.
Then again... It seems I cannot stay away for too long, and I've never seen the city during fall. Who knows? I may be for the first time, in a few months, getting lost in those mysterious, narrow and pretty streets. Only this time, I'll be wearing a sweater.