mercredi 27 mai 2015

Akameguchi or hiking in Japan.

Exams are over! The year is over! My bachelor degree is over!
But it doesn't really feel like anything is over though, the only thing that's different now is time. I have time to blog, vlog, write, read and study(japanese that is). I have time to eat well, sleep well, go out and exercise. I have TIME, basically. And one of the first things I'm going to do with that wonderful time is write about a wonderful place I went to, during my wonderful trip to wonderful Japan.

My sister and I both love Nature. And I've recently discovered a passion I've yet to get used to, and  which has to do with walking, walking,walking, sweating, being tired and waking up a bit sore the following day, yes, hiking. Now, I haven't done any serious hike.yet. I really want to, and I could use some suggestion or help, but I'm really thinking of making it one of my new priorities when finding where to travel.

Anyway, while we were in Nara( a post about that will come soon), we went to Akameguchi. Which is apparently, not well know, even from japanese people. Well, let me tell you. It SHOULD be!
The place is beautiful, peaceful, silent, no crowds, no tourists and lots of waterfalls!
There will be a vlog about Akameguchi on my channel, so if you want to see videos of our trip to Japan&not only pictures, head over to my YouTube Channel !

mardi 5 mai 2015

Japan// Prologue;

I was in Japan. Finally. Finally I was in Japan again. And it was marvellous. It was the perfect trip, with all its flaws and missed rendez-vous, or last minute changes of plan. It was more than I expected, and also resulted in more pictures than I thought. So, before I manage to sort out memories, organise feelings, decide how to write about all those beautiful experiences, here are some of my favourite pictures of the first 3days of the trip. They all are images of Tokyo, a city that definitely echoes strongly in me. I need to write about what happened there and how I felt and feel now, I will. I just need a bit of time, and I'm impatient to share all of that with you guys, because it's positive and light. It's just good. Simply good, and sometimes, actually pretty often, this pure&simple good is hard to find. I hope you enjoy the pictures, and if you feel like it, there's a video on my youtube channel.