dimanche 21 juin 2015


Nara left us both with mixed feelings. While we loved Todai-ji, the deers, the house we were staying at and the weather, we found the atmosphere a bit ... particular and not as enjoyable as other cities in Japan. I have visited quite a few, from Hiroshima to Fukuoka and Kamakura, and they were all so different yet lively. Which is precisely what I felt like Nara was missing: life. It sure was pretty, and I liked it, but I missed the spirit, the life, the characteristic vibe that each city has and makes it so unique. You know how there are cities that you can never really picture in your head, which map you can not draw mentally? That's also what happend with Nara. It was also really difficult to find places to eat, as a vegan, which wasn't the case in Tokyo or Kyoto, and therefore, made our stay a bit of a struggle at times. But hey, it was Japan, and it was amazing nonetheless!

(a video will be on my channel, if you're interested in discovering more of Nara!)