jeudi 20 septembre 2012

You came over like a midnight appetite.

Good morning everyone!
It's 9am here, I'm awake since 8am and this is quite extraordinary for me!
Though I love mornings, I tend to oversleep.  alot. really a lot.
But lately I've been waking up at the latest at 9am, and this feels good!

Anyway. I'm now listening to Stevie Wonder's I just call to say I love you, and this gets me wondering how many people, right now in the world are listening to the same song?
Yesterday while I was talking on skype with a friend of mine, we started talking about clouds( if you don't know, i love clouds) and the same question popped again in my head: "since the very begining of earth, did the sky look exactly the same even only twice?'

And in that moment, I'm thinking of all the ones who may be having the same thoughts, at the same moment. I imagine someone in Brazil, who has pulled an all-nighter, and who is looking at the stars. Or maybe someone in Australia, on the beach, staring at the sea. I don't even know if they exist, but I know somewhere in the world, in this huge world, there has to be at least someone who is thinking the same as me, right now.
And it makes the world looks a bit different.
Suddenly I can hear the early birds in Brazil, feel the slightly cold air of dawn. And I feel the grains of sand beneath my feet, I hear the laughs of children playing together after school.

I often think of the friends and people I've met 'on the road', just trying to imagine what they are doing now.
In their how so different, but yet so similar lives. I'm pretty sure most of them don't even remember me, but when I had my backpack, waiting for the train in Budapest, I was looking at this old man explaining tourists how to buy tickets. I also remember perfectly this old man in Tokyo, who talked to me about France and Korea. I could draw the face of this waiter in Roma, telling me about his tattoos. I often think of Kate, who helped me so much when I was in Moscow. And I also can't forget the sweet lady who said she liked my eyes, when hers were like ocean blue. I hope one day this young brazilian guy will invite me again to a picpinc in a park in Berlin.
I highly doubt any of them really remembers me at all, but this doesn't matter.
Because I keep them in my heart, they are a how much important reason why my trips have been amazing.

samedi 8 septembre 2012

I'm fine. No probs.

You're probably not believing your eyes. Two entries in a week time. It's crazy, I know.
Well, I cannot really film because of the current mess in my flat, and therefore my only way to keep in touch with you is this blog.
Plus I just like blogging, I've always liked it and always done it, but never really seriously, and I hope it's not too risky to see in that mood, perhaps, a good sign for the future.
Maybe will I finally post regularly, and start taking proper pictures for my entries?

I just felt like I needed to tell you that finally I got accepted in year2 at uni! Yay! Let's have a round of applause. To be completely honest with you, when I learned it I wasn't really that happy. I just felt disoriented and at a loss. I had started to appreciate the idea of doing the first year once more, and had already, more or less, planned my year and these news just destroyed everything.
Moreover, I am just scared that my level won't be good enough to make it through this new year.
All in all, good news bringing bad feelings.
But I'm overall really grateful and relieved, this is a step more towards my dream and (I hope) the end of college.

The interesting thing is that I got accepted when I finally 'gave up' and just accepted that I was going to have to cope with one year more.
When I first was told that I couldn't graduate, I was so sad and angry. I litteraly felt rage because I thought it was simply unfair. I was mad at myself, mad at the people working at uni, mad at my parents putting pressure on me.. I was mad at everyone graduating, everything reminding me of studies and so on.
But after a week or so, I went to bed after having cried a lot. My eyes were hurting so much, all swollen and red, and so was my head. The next morning when I woke up, I felt at peace.
I had the feeling that God had come to me, to tell me it was okay, and that I really should learn to let it go. Things cannot be changed nor undone now, so accept it and leave all this anger behind.
It was as simple as that. And I truly felt free from all anger, sadness or disappointment, as soon as I opened my eyes.
The next day I got an email from the headteacher, telling me I was eventually going to graduate.
Daily, I get questions on how to stay positive, how I am always smily and happy, how I keep seeing the bright side of life.
I will do a video about that, but I thought this post would be relevant to that topic.
Sometimes all you need is a smile.

Here are some smiles that always make me feel better.

dimanche 2 septembre 2012


Hello there!
How are you? you feel it coming do you? The " it's been a long time" one.
Well... yes, it has been a long time, I agree.

In Paris it feels like autumn is so eager to begin, it smells autumn, it feels autumn, it looks like autumn. Leaves are falling, they are already for some of them really red, and I can tell you I haven't really had the chance to wear a tank top without a cardigan. And even that sometimes isn't enough.
I like autumn a lot, I think I've already written about it here previously, but dear, I'm so sad to have to say bye to summer. I'm already thinking of next june. I don't think you can call that impatience anymore. It's much worse.

For those of you who don't know( probably a lot), I'm not living with my roommate anymore. So I probably should stop calling him my roommate. We lived together for two years, we had some really great times, got along so well, but I don't feel too sad, just because it seems like the perfect moment to stop.
I am now living with my sister! Some of you may not know about her, but I do have a little sister, who is going to study english in Paris, and she's thus, living with me.
There were and still are lots of cleaning, organzing, buying, throwing away, moving furniture times involved these two last weeks. This sure is a bit tiring, quite time consumming and very expensive.
My wallet's begging me to stop, but there are things I just need to change in order to feel at home for good. Those ugly curtains for example. I swear the only sight of them makes me sick.

I, for myself, don't know what I'm going to do this year. I'm speaking of uni here, in case you're wondering. I signed up for correspondance english class, but I still don't have the answer. Fingers are crossed.
As for japanese, I'm not proud to say that my marks were quite bad( especially during the first semester and particularly my speaking class[that i never attended, that may be the reason why]), but I do have more than what is expected to be accepted in second year. However, I'm not. Apparently I had to pass some tests again, eventhough I had the number of points expected. I'm trying to solve this howannoying situation with the secretary but she clearly has no clue about what she's doing.
So, if she can't understand and change my status, I'll have to start this year again. Eventhough my marks are decent enough to let me graduate.
I guess you can imagine my state of mind right now.

What are you doing, starting, this september? Are you going back to school? Starting college or highschool? Or maybe dropping all of that? Are you moving somewhere new?
Let me know guys, I really want to know :)