jeudi 20 septembre 2012

You came over like a midnight appetite.

Good morning everyone!
It's 9am here, I'm awake since 8am and this is quite extraordinary for me!
Though I love mornings, I tend to oversleep.  alot. really a lot.
But lately I've been waking up at the latest at 9am, and this feels good!

Anyway. I'm now listening to Stevie Wonder's I just call to say I love you, and this gets me wondering how many people, right now in the world are listening to the same song?
Yesterday while I was talking on skype with a friend of mine, we started talking about clouds( if you don't know, i love clouds) and the same question popped again in my head: "since the very begining of earth, did the sky look exactly the same even only twice?'

And in that moment, I'm thinking of all the ones who may be having the same thoughts, at the same moment. I imagine someone in Brazil, who has pulled an all-nighter, and who is looking at the stars. Or maybe someone in Australia, on the beach, staring at the sea. I don't even know if they exist, but I know somewhere in the world, in this huge world, there has to be at least someone who is thinking the same as me, right now.
And it makes the world looks a bit different.
Suddenly I can hear the early birds in Brazil, feel the slightly cold air of dawn. And I feel the grains of sand beneath my feet, I hear the laughs of children playing together after school.

I often think of the friends and people I've met 'on the road', just trying to imagine what they are doing now.
In their how so different, but yet so similar lives. I'm pretty sure most of them don't even remember me, but when I had my backpack, waiting for the train in Budapest, I was looking at this old man explaining tourists how to buy tickets. I also remember perfectly this old man in Tokyo, who talked to me about France and Korea. I could draw the face of this waiter in Roma, telling me about his tattoos. I often think of Kate, who helped me so much when I was in Moscow. And I also can't forget the sweet lady who said she liked my eyes, when hers were like ocean blue. I hope one day this young brazilian guy will invite me again to a picpinc in a park in Berlin.
I highly doubt any of them really remembers me at all, but this doesn't matter.
Because I keep them in my heart, they are a how much important reason why my trips have been amazing.

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  1. Hey!! This is India!

    I love this post!

    These are the thoughts I have as well. I always wonder about what other people are thinking or going through. It's BILLIONS on people on this earth and I am sure that a lot of us have similiar views and thoughts.

    It really is a gratifying experience..the encounters we have with people. We essentially all need each other to live and I think those moments where we meet new people are awesome and can be so inspiring.

    I haven't traveled much in the U.S. and I've never been outside of the country. But I really do look forward to doing tons and tons of traveling throughout my life. I cannot wait to get started.

    Also, I think it's awesome that you've visited Budapest. I really really want to teach there. The city looks so beautiful.

    Great reading your blog! Ttyl!

  2. Hey Em'!
    Alors pour commencer je suis tes vidéos depuis un moment , lorsque j'étais tombée sur la vidéo sur les stéréotypie comme quoi tous les garçons français sont romantiques . Je ne savais pas tellement si je devais écrire en français ou anglais mais comme le français est notre langue maternelle , je vais faire simple :)
    Voilà , je vais t'exposer mes idées : tout premièrement j'aimerai te prendre en photo , j'ai un tumblr tout cracra si tu veux juste pour te donner une idée des photos que je fais , le truc c'est que je préfère te l'envoyer en message privé et qu'il n'apparaisse pas sur le commentaire mais le voici :
    et secondement j'aimerai beaucoup que l'on parle ensemble car nous avons plein de points communs et je pense que ce serai chouette de communiquer .
    Après , ce ne sont que des propositions , tous a bien sur tous les droits de ne rien vouloir !
    I'm done , I'm pretty sure that I've said everything .
    Plein d'amour (oui ça passe bien en anglais )
    Emilie Xx
    ( me répondre :)

  3. Beautiful post. I contemplate the stars, too. In a sort a rather corny rom-com movie Dear John there is a quote that I quite like "No matter where you are in world, the moon is never bigger than your thumb." In addition, Carl Sagan and his Pale Blue Dot. I feel like it's important to star-gaze.. and to think about the people who weave in and out through the course of lives. All the people we meet are somehow apart of us. The feeling of being interconnected is such nice feeling. Anyway, whenever you wrote "I imagine someone in Brazil, who has had a white night, and who is looking at the stars" I think this is an error due to direct translating. Faire une nuit blanche doesn't translate into English. It would be called "pulling an all-nighter"