lundi 14 octobre 2013


As much as I love writing about my travels and sharing those experiences with you guys, I felt like I wanted to write about something else. Something possibly personal and I asked you what you'd like me to write about. Apparently you were a few to enjoy my post on God, and asked for more religion/spirituality related posts.
I got asked about afterlife and that's pretty interesting.

Death can be really scary, sad or stressful. Some people also feel at peace with the idea of dying, whether they believe in afterlife or not.
I was for a long time scared of death, scared because I didn't know what to expect from it, what would happen to me or people I loved who would die eventually. It was a very uncomfortable, unpleasant idea to think there would be nothing once we stop living in this world and state. Not only was it a very depressing ideas, but it just didn't feel right, it didin't make sense to me.

On the other hand, the idea of heaven or hell didn't make more sense. I couldn't imagine a God of love who would allow hell, I couldn't find logic in being judged for the eternity on one life only. And how could the strange moments you feel you've lived already, or the people you feel like you've known before or the places that you feel a deep, unusual very unique connection with when you haven't been there before be explained then?

At that time, I was about sixteen, I fell upon the spirits book and discovered Spiritism.
Now, the idea of reincarnation wasn't that new for I was familiar with hinduism&buddhism. But it didn't strike as strongly as it did, when I read the Spirits book. I highly suggest everyone to read that book, whether you come to believe in it or not, it offers a beautiful and loving outlook on life, and drastically changed mine.

So, do I believe in afterlife?
Yes I do. I actually believe we have several lives, we keep coming back on earth or another earth, in another universe, each life being a chance, an opportunity to become better, kinder, wiser, more gentle and compassionate.
Hence the importance of being kind, understanding, respectful of every life and to avoid anger as much as possible.
I believe we go through lives until our soul is pure enough to see the Light and eventually enter "heaven" where God is. A state and a place we cannot describe nor really envision, for it is not something human beings can understand or imagine.

I would totally understand people not believing in that at all, but I do, and this has changed my life so much, making me happy, relived and more than anything, it does make sense to me.
I could be wrong, but I hope and I think this is how things are. And honestly, if all it does is making people happier and more gentle and caring, I don't see any bad in that.

dimanche 6 octobre 2013

Moscow part 2.

More beautiful pictures of beautiful Moscow with beautiful people&beautiful architecture.

The churches inside the Kremlin are HUGE. They are the most massive and impressive I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen many. Being the fanatic lover of religious building that I am, it was close to Heaven despite the weather, still not willing to participate in making our trip really summerlike.

Not only are they huge, but the details are just breathtaking, along with the pure whiteness of them all, which makes the place even more impressive and somehow austere.

We payed a visit to Novodietvichi monastery, next to which you can access the Novodievitchy cemetery, where are burried just to name a few Tchekhov, Rubinstein, Prokofiev or Khrouchtchev...

And we also visited Tolstoy's house. Unfortunately pictures inside weren't allowed, but it was very moving and humbling to enter the rooms where he&his family lived, to breathe in those rooms that are the witnesses of one of the greatest writter of all time's work&creation.

There are so many things I want to do in Moscow, and even more in Russia, that it would take weeks to be able to do them all. Despite many downsides, issues and a very contestable democracy Russia is a place that somehow caught my heart, and I am so charmed by all it has to offer. Hopefully I can go again, relatively soon, and see a lot more.

vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Moscow part 1.


The name is a travel in itself. Everyone has an image of Moscow, which most of the time is also the one they have of Russia. I went to Moscow two years ago, when I was 19 by myself, with no experience in solo travel, or even travel before. Chances are by now, if you've been to Russia too, that you're shaking your head thinking "oh dear, why would you do that?".
I was left with a very very bad image of Moscow, a very cold/painful/stressful/harsh feeling that was only half justified.

Because let's be honest, Moscow isn't exactly the dream destination, nor the most relaxed or more young/new traveller's friendly one either. Moscow is difficult.

Now don't get me wrong, I really like Moscow. I've been there twice, even after a very bad experience, and I already want to go again. I like Russia. I like russian people, and I feel, as uncomfortable as I feel comfortable and safe there.
This doesn't make sense, I know.

I can perfectly understand why people would dislike their stay in Moscow, I can perfectly see why. And if you've travelled there yourself, you can probably name a few reasons to dislike the city as well. Right?

It's a rough and busy, cold, huge, noisy city. But it's beautiful, it's intriguing and mysterious. Moscow is a mature lady, a strong and proud man, all in all a magical place that always leaves me yearn for more.