lundi 14 octobre 2013


As much as I love writing about my travels and sharing those experiences with you guys, I felt like I wanted to write about something else. Something possibly personal and I asked you what you'd like me to write about. Apparently you were a few to enjoy my post on God, and asked for more religion/spirituality related posts.
I got asked about afterlife and that's pretty interesting.

Death can be really scary, sad or stressful. Some people also feel at peace with the idea of dying, whether they believe in afterlife or not.
I was for a long time scared of death, scared because I didn't know what to expect from it, what would happen to me or people I loved who would die eventually. It was a very uncomfortable, unpleasant idea to think there would be nothing once we stop living in this world and state. Not only was it a very depressing ideas, but it just didn't feel right, it didin't make sense to me.

On the other hand, the idea of heaven or hell didn't make more sense. I couldn't imagine a God of love who would allow hell, I couldn't find logic in being judged for the eternity on one life only. And how could the strange moments you feel you've lived already, or the people you feel like you've known before or the places that you feel a deep, unusual very unique connection with when you haven't been there before be explained then?

At that time, I was about sixteen, I fell upon the spirits book and discovered Spiritism.
Now, the idea of reincarnation wasn't that new for I was familiar with hinduism&buddhism. But it didn't strike as strongly as it did, when I read the Spirits book. I highly suggest everyone to read that book, whether you come to believe in it or not, it offers a beautiful and loving outlook on life, and drastically changed mine.

So, do I believe in afterlife?
Yes I do. I actually believe we have several lives, we keep coming back on earth or another earth, in another universe, each life being a chance, an opportunity to become better, kinder, wiser, more gentle and compassionate.
Hence the importance of being kind, understanding, respectful of every life and to avoid anger as much as possible.
I believe we go through lives until our soul is pure enough to see the Light and eventually enter "heaven" where God is. A state and a place we cannot describe nor really envision, for it is not something human beings can understand or imagine.

I would totally understand people not believing in that at all, but I do, and this has changed my life so much, making me happy, relived and more than anything, it does make sense to me.
I could be wrong, but I hope and I think this is how things are. And honestly, if all it does is making people happier and more gentle and caring, I don't see any bad in that.

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  1. I never really grasped the idea of reincarnation, since there is a rising number of people on Earth, and it is quite exponential. Does it mean that some people have their "souls" cut in half and given to two-or-more different bodies ? Does it mean new souls come to life ? It definitely cannot be a one-to-one link..

  2. Hi Emy. I like the way you think. Although I have a different opinion about afterlife, I really admire you for caring enough to explore an explanation that makes sense. ♥

  3. Yo emy. Man I have not been on your blog in a while, I have to catch up. I think you have a great heart, and a good perspective. If it makes sense to you and makes you happy, I think that's how it should always be. I only hope that you remain the respectful, humble person that you are because these are the kinds of moments when you find something true, honest, and complete to you, that will make you defensive, and even threatened by everything else.

  4. Hi. I believe in afterlife as well. I believe we have/are souls. As for reincarnation I think it's quite plausible, we have to live several lives in order to become a spirit of light. So what if the number of people on Earth is growing? Couldn't God be able to create new souls? “While all souls are immortal, it is important to remember that we are not eternal in the same way that God is. God is the only truly eternal being in that He alone is without a beginning or end. God has always existed and will always continue to exist. All other sentient creatures, whether they are human or angelic, are finite in that they had a beginning. Our souls are immortal, as that is how God created them, but they did have a beginning; there was a time they did not exist.”

  5. There is no such thing like a objective morality. It is a construct by humanity. But we know, that we are experiencing things, that we are living our lives by experiencing new things.
    There are three not-hirarchial "levels" of cognition: The pure-beeing (fe a stone), the only-perceiving (nature) and the rational-reflecting (humans). These categories are not very exact. There is a fluent transitíon between them.
    The essence of our lives simply is curiosity. So we only want to perceive, which means to live. The two layers of human perceiption are emotional-perceiving (animalistic roots) and rational-reflection.
    Why shouldn't we kill or at least treat other people badly?
    If we attack somebody, he will hinder our ability to perceive new things (the interaction gets frozen, gets stopped). Because he will block us. Our curiosity isn't able to get feeded anymore. So we cannot perceive as many things as we would be able to perceive, when we treated the person in a friendly way.
    Why shouldn't we kill animals?
    Because we don't look at the animals (only-perceivin) from the perspective as a human-beeing(rational reflecting). We look at the animals in a only-perceiving way. The humans have to obligatory use their ability to reflect.
    Why do we have problems with ressources(matter)?
    Because we mostly look at the purely-beeing from the perspective of a purely-beeing. We look at the stone as a stone.

    And what's with the death?
    Everything which is only-perceiving or rationally-reflection will once get back to the state of purely-beeing (after death). And it also comes from this state. (before birth) What is living, what is perceiving? It's simple: The world is perceiving the world. That's the most basic thing we are able to know about the universe. Just keep on beeing curious about things.