lundi 4 novembre 2013

Pink hair!

I don't think I've ever blogged about my hair, which is really surprising because God knows I love hair, my hair and I do a ton of things to it!
I've been dying my hair for 9years now, straightening it, curling it, bleaching it too. 
I've made mistakes, I've had to cut it drastically, because of having bleached it too much too quickly... I've had all natural hair colors you can think of, and also dark blue, turquoise, violet, bright red, bright orange and now pink!

I really miss my long hair, and I'm definitely not adventurous at all when it comes to haircuts, but there's not a color I'm afraid to try out!

I was a bit afraid though to try going that light again, because yes ... your hair has to be a light blonde, as blonde as you can get it without damaging it if you want to get a color such as pink, purple or blue, because yellow undertones will definitly show or transform the color. 
And after having ruined, burned my hair to the point I had to cut it above my shoulders when it was down to the middle of my back before, I was a bit anxious as to whether I should bleach it or not.

This time I did it the healthy, safe and patient way. No more of the 5times bleaching my hair the same day. I bleached it once, conditionned it like crazy, waited a week, did the same again, and finally bleached it a third time. I also did a lot of treatments and used purple shampoo in order to get rid as much as possible of the yellow color. And I didn't dye it pink immediatly, but purple. Not too dark, just like the picture above.

It then faded into this lighter lilac color, and I then decided to go more pink. For that I used carnation pink from Directions, mixed with a tiny little bit of Midnight Blue from Manic Panic.

After a few washes, here it is! My hair is healthy, it's not dry at all, at least not for curly hair, and I love having bright hair again! I sometimes miss my brown hair, especially when I want to look a bit more mature and serious but oh well. I have all my life to look more mature right?!


3 commentaires:

  1. tu es très belle en rousse,ça te donne un air slave,genre princesse anastasia (ou antastesia?) =)!!
    tu as déjà était blonde platine? avec un smokey noir c sublime ! bizzzz

  2. (I don't think my comment made it through…)
    Was trying to say that this is a cute look! And that I would look super goofy with pink or purple hair. I'm jealous you can pull it off because it looks like a butt load of fun. I wouldn't hesitate to do this if I thought it would look even remotely good.

  3. lovely hair!
    which colour did you use for the purple? it looks gorgeous, and i am about to go purple too! <3