mardi 30 avril 2013

Berlin in pictures.

Warning: There's A LOT of pictures in that post!
I hope you enjoy though!

The four of us in the Reichstag Dome, which is a really great thing to visit, with many explanations&documents about the history of Berlin&that place! You have a great view on all of Berlin(almost), it's free and audioguides are pretty interesting! 

The Birthday boy, whose gift was this trip!

You're in Germany, so yes, lots of beers!

and donuts!

I usually really dislike snow, because I hate the cold&I'm very scared of falling, but for some reasons during this trip all I can remember despite the cold is how much we laughed!

Sans Souci is a castle, located really close to Berlin, in Postdam( it takes about 1hour to get there) and it's so beautiful! I bet it looks amazing during spring! We unfortunately couldn't visit the castle nor the library, but it was definitely one of the best moments of the trip!And we had the whole place all to ourselves!

East Side gallery is pretty impressive! It's a bit hard to imagine that such a thin and little wall divided the whole city in two, preventing people from being together... Berlin has such a unique History, and everytime I go there, I'm reminded how lucky we are to live in peace.

Checkpoint Charlie!

You know me, a trip isn't a good trip if there's not delicious food! And delicious food can hardly be without korean food! This restaurant was AMAZING! I absolutely recommend it! It's called Kimchi Princess and is located in Kreuzberg! Definitely visit it if you're in Berlin&love korean food! But don't try the sesameleaves appetizer thing. I've never had anything as bad in my whole life!

A must see! Das Brandenburger Tor!


That kind of reminded me of the Pantheon here in Paris!

I'm a sucker for achitecture, espcially religious buildings, and the Berliner Dome is such an impressive and magnificent cathedral. I was so upset we couldn't get to the top because of the weather, but the inside was to die for! One of the most beautiful cathedral I've ever seen!

We also decided to visit some museums that time!

And opted for the Pergamon museum, which is really, even for people who don't really like museums, a thing to see!

The details on those earrings are amazing!

I'm so sad that the picture can't make justice to how beautiful that wood dome was!

Once again the birthday boy.

and weird faces.

I'll end this post with pictures of our last meal. No burger for me though, since I'm a vegetarian, but this place was lovely and filled our stomachs properly!

What do you like to do on a trip? Sightseeing, hiking, visiting museums, shopping?
Let me know !

vendredi 26 avril 2013

Hiroshima city.

When I went to Japan last year( oh my god, it's been over a year already, I can't believe it) with my traveller buddy, we visited several cities, including Hiroshima.
The name of Hiroshima immedialy evokes the bombing of the city and Nagazaki for most people, and indeed, the peace memorial is a "must see". The place is so peaceful, lots of english speaking japanese people are telling tourists about the history of the place, and this is such a moving and triggering thing to see.
But this isn't the only thing you should think of if you plan on visiting Hiroshima.

Here are a few things I did and loved in Hiroshima.

Eating okonomiyaki!
Okonomiyaki are delicious, and usually you have pork in them, but it's really easy to find some vegetarian ones. However, the ones in Hiroshima are a bit different, for they include noodlles! Not the best thing for  your diet probably,  but that's really yummy, and fulfilling after a long day of travelling, not to mention it's fairly cheap!


Visiting the Hiroshima Castle was actually one of the best parts of the trip. I am pretty interested in History in general, especially japanese History which I find fascinating. The castle in itself, is pretty amazing. It's HUGE, on a beautiful little island, with a beautiful view on the city. The entrance is free, and the interior of the castle is now a museum, with many interesting items and explanations.

Going to Miyajima.
Miyajima is an island close to Hiroshima. If you already have the JR pass, the trip in boat is free, which is pretty cool! The toori is said to be one of the most beautiful places of Japan, but we couldn't quite agree or disagree with that, since there were some scaffoldings around it( btw, it seems there's a curse, everytime I travel there are some contruction going on on most famous buildings, why?!!). Well actually even with scaffoldings the toori and the whole island is so beautiful. So many deers are going freely around, which can be a bit troublesome if you plan on having a picnic there ! Definitely a must see if you go to Japan!

Obviously there are many other things to do in Hiroshima! The city is very dynamic and peaceful at the same time. You can do some great shopping in the center, and relax along the river, the food is delicious and people there were really helpful and friendly!