mercredi 30 mai 2012

Falling from Cloud9.

I'm not even going to try to explain why&how I didn't post anything on here for so long.
Lately I've been feeling very down&tense, maybe because of the tests that I kind of failed. Well at least I think.The thought of having to go through more tests, or even worse to do this year over again is something I can barely stand. There's just too much pressure, too many hopes on my shoulders, I really have the duty to get this degree.
I'm still trying to lose weight, but it's been another big fail too. One of my friends is staying at my place, and we're eating all the time. I'm trying to be light on this topic, but this is really upsetting me so much. My goal is to lose around 6kilos, and I don't even know what to do anymore. I've tried all the diets you could possibly think of, I've tried working out, I've even thought about surgery. It seems nothing works well on me. I'll probably just try to eat healthy(which I usually do anyway) but in very small portions, and start working out again.
And I'm having feelings for someone who doesn't.
How much of a nice mixture is that? I'm asking you.
Still, life goes on, I'm holding on and not giving up. I'm not going to pretend everything's fine, I don't feel good, I cry when I'm alone at nights, which had not happened to me in years. But I live it as a challenge, and even through these times I know how lucky I am, and I want to seize the moment.
I believe you can fight sadness&depression, and I'm not going to let it win.
Weapons  are friends, smiles and food(ohwell).

mercredi 16 mai 2012

My precious one.

It's been more than a month now, since I left for Japan, and I must say I miss it every single day. I feel quite sad, just like it was all a dream, and that never really happened.Ijust need to go back, to realize it was real,and to sort out some things. I love Paris, I love Europe and I feel truely at home here, it feels good because it's completely familiar, but now it feels too small, too past, too old. I also have my big final tests coming at uni,and it is very stressfull as well. Well, I guess my mood isn't the best, but I'm still smiling, trying to cheer up and enjoy every single day, because life is definitely too short and I don't want to waste even a minute of it. It's not easy everyday, sure, but I believe God has a secret plan for each one of us. So I'll be patient, have faith and trust Him&life. 

jeudi 10 mai 2012

Just let me know when you are here.

The second day of the trip was probably one of the most tiring days ever for me.
I hadn't slept at all, and my mind was ...well pretty confused&busy. It was a very nice day, but I honestly still feel how tired I was when I remember it. aha. 
The morning we went to Asakusa, which was pretty close from where we were staying at. It was pretty magical to be there, I think I really realized I was in Japan when I was in front of these temple&pagoda.
We had a nice time, and tried for the first time a rickshaw. Along sumida river, we had a little bit of a rest, just sitting there and enjoying being in Tokyo. People were smiling and talking to us, it was so sweet.
It's apparently an habit of ours, but the afternoon we want some green, a quiet time. So we left for Ueno park, and before getting there, we had an AMAZING meal. Oh my god, I'm so hungry just thinking about it.
I must say I really liked Yoyogi better than Ueno, which was a bit too ... melancholic. Or maybe it was just my state of mind. I don't know. At night, we wanted to experience Shibuya. And just walking there, without even any intention of shopping or anything is great. It's full of life, it's full of oddities, it's refreshing. It makes you feel alive, and I've always loved crowded places. I feel like I'm getting energy and happinness from everyone else.
I guess this post ends up here, I'll let you appreciate the pictures :)

dimanche 6 mai 2012

Why not?

Thanks to my amazing friend, I have many pictures from the trip and I thought I would share some more with you.
The first day we spent in Tokyo, we were really tired because of the 17hours of plane we had on the previous day. However we really wanted to use all of our time to the fullest, and we had some little things to take care of.
First of all, finding an internet connection was so complicated, because of your phones coming from Europe we didn't have access to any wify, outside of our hotelroom, which we were really upset about the first day. Yes, we are real nerds.And the worse for me, my straightener wouldn't work. I thought it was only because of the adaptator, so first thing we did was actually to go to Akihabara, in order to buy some. Which we did. First experience of finding our way, and plans in Tokyo. Pretty easy. We didn't really visit Akihabara, nor spend a long time there, and went quickly to Harajuku. We walked all the way, from Omotesando to Takeshita Dori. It was lovely, the weather was nice and this area is pretty nice to hang out. Lots of stores, lots of stylish people, lots of funny and original pieces. It wasn't overly crowded, maybe because it was sundaymorning.  We had to meet up with friends at Yoyoki park, so we made our way to there, but unfortunately we couldn't find our friends. So we enjoyed our first sight of cherryblossoms, and our first insight into what Hanami is like. I must say it's pretty impressive. I knew how important and popular it was, but seeing all those people gathering at the same place, to enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers, laughing,eating, drinking having fun all together really is something. It was beautiful, and absolutely refreshing. We had bought an okonomiyaki and some makis to have a small picnic, and that was delicious. Truely delicious. We spent quite a long time there, enjoying the peacefulness and the chillatmospheer, then went back to our hotelroom. Where we discovered that my straightener still wasn't working. So what did I do? Yes you guessed it right. We went out again, to Akihabara and I bought a new straightener. YAY :)
It was pretty much our first day in Japan, plus a little extra for me ;)
At that stage I was still not realizing really, that I was in Japan, and I couldn't stop comparing Paris and Tokyo. I was really shocked, and I barely slept that night, went back to bed at 3, fell asleep around 4, and woke up at 6and a half.
But little did I know how much&quickly I'd get used to Tokyo.