mardi 1 mai 2012

So tell me the secret. Because I want to believe.

I'm back from Japan! Unfortunately.
I don't really know where to begin, what to say or not, because these have been two intense, busy and wonderful weeks. Japan is so extraordinary I don't think you can quite picture it unless you go there. So different from anything I've seen before. So wonderful.
I'll post videos on youtube, for those of you who want to have a more detailed and 'alive' vision of what my trip was like, so this post is going to be quite brief.
As you probably already and quite easily enough guessed, I loved it. I had been wanting to go to Japan since I was 14years old. I can still remember, on one of my first blogs, posting a small entry with a picture of Tokyo by night ' One day'. 
Well this day has finally come. And dreams come true sometimes. You must be patient, have the faith, work hard and sometimes dreams eventually do come true. This trip was like a dream. From the very start to the beginning.
I spent one week in Tokyo, an amazing city. Paris looks like a village compared to it. It's big, it's HUGE. It's so interesting, so funny, so weird, so pretty, so modern, so authentic, so dynamic, so peaceful, so clean, so pretty, so .... I really loved it. I love big cities, but I also love me some green and temples. You can find anything in Tokyo. Really anything. 
And I also spent one week travelling. We, my friend and I, went to Kyoto, which is probably one of the most enjoyable city to live in. So pretty, lovely and full of beauty. To Nara, in which I had the most beautiful night of my life. In Hiroshima which is just so sweet. I really liked Hiroshima. So calm and quiet. And in Fukuoka, to meet up with my adorable friend, Momoko, and her family. I cannot even tell how moved I was to see such kind and loving people. I had some of the happiest moments of my life there. I will never be able to thank them enough for how kind they were to us.
I felt so good in Japan, it is umbelievable. Habits came immediatly to me, it felt like home starting the second day. 
Japanese people are so nice, polite, funny and damn good looking. Not to bash on the french, but I have never met so nice people. I am  the kind of girl who always talks, smiles to people in the streets and in France this isn't very well received most of the time. I felt pretty comfortable there, though I know, japanese are like anyone else, not perfect and they are also rude people there.
But I don't mind. I don't care. It's not a perfect country, it's not paradise, but it felt like the perfect place to me.
And I want to go back. So badly.
I'll try to do a more detailed and perhaps more interesting post, with other pictures, but I really wanted to update you a bit guys, because it's been so long :o
So here are some pictures of how awesome it was.

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  2. Damn, I'm just so envious.
    Never been that interested in Japan or any Asian country when I was younger (don't hit me! ^^"); which could be quite paradoxal as I'm Asian myself. I guess that's because it had been already quite hard for me to be accepted and find my own place in the society (segregation may not be as harsh as it used to be, even in France, but trust me when you're a kid, people can be pretty rude..)

    But I've grown and have become proud of my "double culture" though it can be pretty difficult sometimes (having some "Asian" habits at home but behaving and living the "European style" or having "French tastes" can be a hard time ^^). Let's say I regret having wasted so much time.

    But enough nonsense. Just wanted to say I share your point of view over Japan. And the pictures you took are just.. Well, they taste like happiness and traveling. I'm glad your dream became true =)

    Oh, and don't be too severe with Paris, it can be oppressive sometimes, and people are often rude yeah. But I've come to like Her, as long as I don't stay too long. And some people can actually be nice ;)

    Kisses ^_^

  3. Really great Pictures. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself! This is what life is all about-experiencing it the fullest and just enjoying the ride!

  4. OMG so lovely pictures! Everything just look so amazing <3