jeudi 10 mai 2012

Just let me know when you are here.

The second day of the trip was probably one of the most tiring days ever for me.
I hadn't slept at all, and my mind was ...well pretty confused&busy. It was a very nice day, but I honestly still feel how tired I was when I remember it. aha. 
The morning we went to Asakusa, which was pretty close from where we were staying at. It was pretty magical to be there, I think I really realized I was in Japan when I was in front of these temple&pagoda.
We had a nice time, and tried for the first time a rickshaw. Along sumida river, we had a little bit of a rest, just sitting there and enjoying being in Tokyo. People were smiling and talking to us, it was so sweet.
It's apparently an habit of ours, but the afternoon we want some green, a quiet time. So we left for Ueno park, and before getting there, we had an AMAZING meal. Oh my god, I'm so hungry just thinking about it.
I must say I really liked Yoyogi better than Ueno, which was a bit too ... melancholic. Or maybe it was just my state of mind. I don't know. At night, we wanted to experience Shibuya. And just walking there, without even any intention of shopping or anything is great. It's full of life, it's full of oddities, it's refreshing. It makes you feel alive, and I've always loved crowded places. I feel like I'm getting energy and happinness from everyone else.
I guess this post ends up here, I'll let you appreciate the pictures :)

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