mercredi 27 mai 2015

Akameguchi or hiking in Japan.

Exams are over! The year is over! My bachelor degree is over!
But it doesn't really feel like anything is over though, the only thing that's different now is time. I have time to blog, vlog, write, read and study(japanese that is). I have time to eat well, sleep well, go out and exercise. I have TIME, basically. And one of the first things I'm going to do with that wonderful time is write about a wonderful place I went to, during my wonderful trip to wonderful Japan.

My sister and I both love Nature. And I've recently discovered a passion I've yet to get used to, and  which has to do with walking, walking,walking, sweating, being tired and waking up a bit sore the following day, yes, hiking. Now, I haven't done any serious hike.yet. I really want to, and I could use some suggestion or help, but I'm really thinking of making it one of my new priorities when finding where to travel.

Anyway, while we were in Nara( a post about that will come soon), we went to Akameguchi. Which is apparently, not well know, even from japanese people. Well, let me tell you. It SHOULD be!
The place is beautiful, peaceful, silent, no crowds, no tourists and lots of waterfalls!
There will be a vlog about Akameguchi on my channel, so if you want to see videos of our trip to Japan&not only pictures, head over to my YouTube Channel !

4 commentaires:

  1. Congratulations on finishing up your degree! I finished graduate school in December and still haven't quite adjusted to not being a student. It was a part of me for so long. These photos are stunning. Japan seems like the perfect place to connect with nature.

    Silly Medley: Lifestyle and Travel

  2. congratulations! i really love your youtube-videoes. have been watching them a lot, trying to pronounce my french words correctly. and you are soo good in japanese! i love japan, so envious of you being there.

  3. So beautiful! <3 I've been in Japan too but I guess I missed this place! I better note this so I can visit it next time =D I really love this kind of places!

  4. I lived in Japan for two years, and I still miss it even though I haven't been there in a long time. Thanks for the pictures and the commentary (I think you should write some of the descriptions in Japanese; your Japanese is very fluent). I enjoyed seeing the country again through your eyes. BTW, I saw two movies today that you might like--"The End of the Tour" and "Infinitely Polar Bear." No, it's not actually about polar bears! Check them out if you get the chance. The first one is very insightful about writers, the responsibility that writers bear for their work, and the heavy burden on a writer--who is considered brilliant--to *continue* to be brilliant. You have said in your videos that you want to be a writer someday, so I think this movie will interest you (if you haven't seen it already). All the best, keep up the good work, and stay positive!...