samedi 7 juin 2014

Italian summer.

Is there somewhere in the world that screams summer more than Italy? or more so, voluptuously whispers it in your ear?
In my world, no. Every june, starting right when the first warm and summery sunshine rays hit Paris, I wake up and go to bed thinking of Italy, and especially Venice. When I open my window, breathing in the morning air, it's the fresh and sea air that I smell, and when I'm reading sitting on a bench, I can almost feel the waves and it seems to me that the bench is like a boat, pitching.
What I love about Venice, is something you cannot describe accurately, is something you must go to experience. It's something magical and unique. Venice is really like no other.
Entering the city is like being given the keys of a wonderful, beautiful enchanted world, where buildings are all worth staring at, the streets all worth wandering in, the smells all worth smelling, a world, where basically beauty is everywhere.

Unfortunately, it seems I'm not going to Italy this summer. Not enough time, not enough money but mostly, not ready to face the heat of July or August.
Then again... It seems I cannot stay away for too long, and I've never seen the city during fall. Who knows? I may be for the first time, in a few months, getting lost in those mysterious, narrow and pretty streets. Only this time, I'll be wearing a sweater.

5 commentaires:

  1. Mais que j'aime ces belles photos!

  2. I absolutely adored Venice when I went (and my entire trip to Italy). It really is the most beautiful place and there is no other like it! I went last July and holy moly was it hot!

  3. I would love to go to Venice (I've also heard it's meant to be nicest in Autumn/ Winter so maybe it's a good thing you can't go now). I've never been anywhere in Italy. Definitely somewhere I want to explore. Your photos are lovely.

  4. I was JUST thinking how I wanted to visit Venice during winter… I think it would be magical!

  5. La première et seule fois où je suis aller à Venise, je m'y suis senti comme chez moi. Aujourd'hui encore je me demande pourquoi. Demain comme toujours je serai sans réponses.