mercredi 29 février 2012

My eyes are screaming for the sight of you.

I've been studying a lot lately. Every day about 40kanjis to study, grammar rules to remember and exercises+vocabulary. I'm trying my best, because I really don't want to fail this time. 
Therefore, I don't have interesting things to post here, sorry guys !
I thought I would show you some little pictures of my everyday life. I don't think it's really enjoyable but oh well.
I used to hate eating breakfasts, but now ... I love it. It's almost my favourite meal. And as you can see... it's quite big.
Then this is what my days look like. Japanese japanese&japanese. Plus tea&this chocolate panda. looks cute, but tastes horrible.
And you may know that I'm on a diet, in which I completely cut carbs&fat. Therfore most of my meals look like this. Veggies :D


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  1. Hi,
    very nice blog, I just want to know what camera do you use to take your pictures ? And if it's the same that you use to do your video on youtube ??

    Thx !!