jeudi 16 février 2012

That was then and this is now.

While my friend was in Paris with me, we went to the museum of modern arts, thing that I probably would have never done, since this is really not the kind of art I like.
However, it turned out to be pretty interesting and eventhough it didn't change my views on art, I found some really interesting pieces there. I am a pretty oldschool person, very oldschool, as for litterature, painting, poetry or even music but it's nice to see things you're not used to seeing right?

I fell in love with this painting. I don't know what is so attractive to me but I really loved it.

I look like a fat potatoe but it was so cold this day.

& obviously I had to include her in this post. This is what you could see from the museum.

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  1. hahaha I thought exactly the same thing as you wrote "I don't like this art" "wtf is this?!" anyway... it's interesting ;) and Paris is always beautiful!!