dimanche 12 février 2012

Happy Sunday.

What a chance it is, to find 1hour away from home, the castle of Versailles.
Living in Paris is such a pleasure, everyday is an opportunity to find beauty and discover something magical.

Versailles is a magnificient place. I had already visited the gardens, but never the castle itself, so I was quite excited to visit it today.  
Staring at these amazing paintings, decorations, sculptures kind of made me feel nostalgic of that time when art was so breath taking. I was so amazed by the attention  to the small details, that made every piece of art so realistic and impressive. I miss this hardwork, this adoration for beauty and how artists were able to produce such amazing works. Too many things today are too easy, too simple,  too empty. I wish there were more artists willing to pay a tribute to life, love, beauty just like they did at that time. 

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