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"Show your Soul" GACKT&YFC Trip.

Hiya everyone :)

As you may know, I travelled quite a bit this summer, which I was very excited about because I have never really travelled in the past, I only went to Germany during a schooltrip, and to Italy when I was too young to even remember it.So it was a pretty big deal for me to be lucky to go to England, Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Russia this summer. Even more a big deal because I had the greatest joy to see Gackt&YFC 7times( supposed to be 8times, but one of the concert was unfortunately cancelled). And you know how much I love Gackt.

I thought it would be a good start for this freshnew blog, to tell you about this marvellous trip I did with a friend of mine, through Europe.

So here we go !

First city we went to was Berlin. Pretty exciting for me, because I love Germany, I took germanclasses in middle&high school, and had only visited Bavaria. I had heard that Berlin was THE city to visit, and I have to say... I agree!
First of all it's beautiful. It's very green, but also a very modern&clean city. Everything is so quiet&alive at the same time, and there are so many different places&aspects of Berlin that you can always find something interesting&that, no matter how old you are,or what are your hobbies. As for me, you can find me a happy girl when there's good food, c
hurches and nature. You can find all of that in Berlin, and even more. Despite the sausages "Curry Wurst" that were EVERYWHERE, the food was pretty good they even had veggie burgers which we do not have in France.

We arrived pretty early in Berlin, on the second of August, at 9and something AM, if I remember well. We immediatly went to our hotel, in Kreuzberg( a district I would absolutely recommend, next to AlexanderPlatz).And then, went out for a good Früshtuck( breakfast). The germans are not kidding with cakes, let me tell you.

We then visited the Berliner Dome, which is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately we couldn't enter the church itself, but the view from the top was worth the 4euros.

From there, we walked all the way to the Brandenburger Tor, through Unter den Linden, the street of Berlin ;). It was so damn hot, and we hadn't slept the night before, but everything was pretty cool.Because we could obviously not leave Berlin without doing that, we then headed to Postdammer Platz, where you can still see some pieces of the Wall. Pretty impress
ive in a way. And to end the day, we finally found the Reichstag, which is basically the parlement, located in a lovely area.On day2 in Berlin, the 3.08 we visited Charlottenburg Schloss, a castle in the morning and had a great sushimeal. So good and cheap.


The afternoon, I went in the line for the concert, not very early but not very late either. I got to be third row, and it was a pretty cool concert. Well, in fact every concert I went to was nice, because Gackt&YFC are just AWESOME, but you're not here to read about that I guess. After the concert, we wandered around Französiche Strasse and then went to bed.

The 4.08 we left for my bigdiscovery of this summer, my beloved Budapest. Let me tell you this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I don't even know how to describe it. It's like a little exotic Paris, where I immediatly felt at home. The hotel was so nice, and as soon as we arrived, we visited a little bit, once again a basilica, St Stephen's one. The inside is to die for, and well the outside is quite impressive as well.



Not to say that everything in Budapest is so pretty&delicate. Buildings are all very pretty there. The concert was this very same day, so I then made my way to the venue, in a little creepy place but of well. adventureadventure. After the concert, we saw the most beautiful thing of this trip : budapestbynight.


Walked along the Danube, with lights everywhere in the most peaceful atmospheer ever. One of the best memory of this trip, apart from the concerts ;).


On the 5th, we decided we didn't want to waste a single minute, so even if your plane back to Berlin was on the afternoon we went on a bus to visit Budapest and that was just very fun. We had such a great time. I definitely want to go back to Budapest.





We had to take the plane to Berlin, and then the train to Leipzig, where we arrived more than one hour late because of the train. We got lost, after being bothered by a drunk man, and luckyly fell upon the police, which took us to our hotel.
First time we got to sleep later than 8, on the 6th we just relaxed and visited the city. Had a great italian meal, and once again can you guess? a nice church.


Yes I'm slightly obsessed with churches.


We then had HUGE icecreams and went to the venue, that we found with lots of troubles.
.................... ;;;................

The reason being, the venue was in a park, itself in the forest. And that's where we spent the night, because we obviously wanted the first row. People made a small firework in the park this night, and the girls were very nice so it was pretty cool. But a little bit cold, and on the 7th, it rained. Yes. lines are tiring. Nice concert as always, in my opinion the best one.

And so, the 8th we went back to Berlin by train, and waited the whole day for our plane that took us to Stockholm. We were quite tired as you can probably imagine, but still, when we arrived we just left our luggage in our hotel and went immediatly to the venue.
Once again, we slept outside. And it was very very cold. I definitely felt I was in the north of Europe, and I hate the cold. So I spent the days in Stockholm being quite irritated. I found people were not friendly except for the people in the line around us, and then when the concert started people were very annoying, pushing for no reason and so on. But anyway. The morning we took a bus to visit the city, but I fell asleep so I don't really know what Stockholm is like. However to be honest, it reminded me for some reason of London, and I didn't really like these two cities. They are a little bit too clean&'quiet' for me.




The 10th, we took another cab for the central station and then the express train for the airport. My friend was heading back to Paris, and I was going to fly to Moscow but in the airport we had the surprise to fell upon YFC and Gackt. It was very nice, and since I'm not a fangirl I just quietly watched them walk to the gates and I crossed Gackt's path. And here I have to admit I was a little bit like > *o*. He was all alone, and we stared at each other for a little while, because I wasn't even 1meter away from him and it was obvious I knew who he was, but I was so shocked that I just turned away. I feel so silly now, because I could have talked to him or just greeted him without any problem. Ah ... well this will be for another time;)

It was my first time alone on a plane, so I was a little bit anxious. When I arrived in Moscow, it was raining like crazy, and I took a cab to go to my hotel. I had to pay 130euros and it took me two LONG hours to get there. I was feeling very very down, and I had a panic crisis this night. I started crying for no reason, was feeling extremely weak and scared. The fact is Russia has nothing to do with France or Europe, and the atmospheer there didn't please me at all.
On the 11th, the day of the concert, I fainted the morning in my hotel room was very sick the whole day. I could barely walk and was shivering so much. I took another cab to get to the venue, where I got sick again. I made friend with a girl in the line, named Kate who litteraly saved me. The concert was SO hard for me(I was secondrow), because I was sick&tired but also because it was so hot in there, girls around me wore sweaters and no one gavev us water... so at the end of the concert, during my favourite song I fainted. no need to tell you I couldn't stop crying and felt so desperate about that. It was my last time seeing Gackt and I felt like I completely ruined it. I was so mad at my body.
Kate helped me to find my way in the subway, and the next day, the 12th, I spent the whole day in the airport, because Moscow scared me so much and I was the happiest girl EVER, when I arrived in Paris, after a stop of 7hours in Kiev, during which I slept on the airport's floor.

This trip was exausting, and I now realize maybe it was a bit dangerous and insane to go in Russia on my own but it was really a wonderul and unforgettable time in my life. I had so much fun, and seeing Gackt so many times filled me with happiness for the whole year coming. I met nice people, I felt very sad about my rubbish german which used to be much better. I saw very beautiful places, and I know travelling is a chance not everyone has, so I am very lucky& grateful.

Now I just have to save money like I never did before, because my bankaccount is completely empty, so that I can travel soon again. Maybe the US, for the next Gackt&YFC's tour. ;)

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