lundi 30 janvier 2012

So it was my birthday.

I wish I had something to talk about. Well I do, I have plenty of things I'd like to talk about but I feel like a video would be more appropriate when it comes to these subjects.
Then maybe I'll just let my fingers run on the keyboard and see what it turns out like.
So it was my birthday on the 28th of January. I didn't properly celebrate it, I haven't celebrating my birthdays since I turned 16. To be completely honest with you, the previous two weeks I felt extremely tense, anxious and depressed, to see the dates on the calendar not taking account of my desire to remain 19 forever.
I didn't think I'd actually be that depressed about my birthday, but I am. Completely. And now, to think that next year I'll turn 21 is... almost causing me physical pain. I cannot even really explain why I feel this way though. Is it because of death? probably. Also because of all the youth I feel that is running away, and to know that I have to accomplish some things before I turn 30. 30. Oh my god, this sounds awful.
However, I feel kind of relieved now, because it is behind me. I guess I'll panic again in.. september.
Here in Paris it's getting really cold, and we'll maybe have snow soon which is so exciting. I don't usually like snow, but for some reasons I really want to see it this year. Be ready for the pictures of a snowy Paris if this happens.
So far, 2012 has been nice. Well, friends haven't been the best and I feel like January was a wasted month but hopefully I'll get back on the tracks in February. The positive point is that I lost weight, am motivated and find it   incredibly easy to eat healthy, to work out and be patient. I'm also more organised, I study my japanese more, but I don't read enough. Sadly. I also have to stop missing classes. I've already missed 3days of school in two weeks.  Badbadbad. I think I'm not doing too bad with Youtube either right?
Hopefully, in a two weeks, the 20th I'll be in Roma. Ah Roma. And hopefully I'll be able to go either to Praha or Sevilla the 25. I miss travelling so much, I miss concerts so much too.
I'm looking for great movies to watch, any recommendations ? :)

This was one of the most all over the place entry ever, but I hope it wasn't too boring.

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  1. ah!Je comprends ce que tu ressens!Moi aussi je ne fête plus mon annversaire depuis mes 15 ans!!!Aujourd'hui j'ai 18 ans;je ne saurai pas expliquer aussi pk je n'aime pas prendre de l'âge pourtant on est encore jeune....Et je viens tout juste de commencer à mettre des crèmes antirides (je crois que g un pbl)mdr!^^