lundi 11 février 2013

So, tell me about yourself.

Hi everyone!

I still haven't had a chance to get my hands on the pictures of Berlin, so sorry this post won't be about traveling. Well it's not really going to be about myself either, but it still makes echo to this video, so I thought I'd include it on here. :) Feel free to watch it and leave a video response btw, I'd love to learn about you ;)

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I've already stated that in videos, or maybe even on my blog, but I have no issue at all with sharing my personal life, and telling people about my feelings, emotions and thoughts. This video reminded me of that. Lately a special friend of mine has asked me if I had any secrets. No matter how much I thought about it, I just couldn't really find any secret. I simply have nothing to hide or nothing I can't talk about. Obviously there are things I'm not the most comfortable talking about, or things that aren't so good memories and make me sad or cry. But there's nothing I can't talk about, and that is simply because I love people, and thus don't see why I should keep anything away from them. I remembered a post I had written a while ago, for a friend of mine Amber. It was supposed to be featured on her blog, but never was so I thought I could instead, just share it with you now. :)

We all have something that hurts, something that we most of the time, try our best to hide , thinking hiding can equal erasing. We spend so much of our time, of our energy to hide, put aside this something, may it be big or not. easy to analyse or not, clear or confusing. We sometimes can't even put words on it, for we have always tried to look away. That is what most people do, that is what, I think, 90% of people do. 
Some may build up their lifes on it, either trying to exorcise it by running away, or just not being able to go over it. Anyway, the moment you realize it still hurts, it hurt in the past and is likely to always do, eventually always comes. Maybe it's always going to hurt, no lies. As strange as it may sound, this kind of injury builds up as well as destroys someone. 
We ALL have something that hurts, I am sure of that. No matter how beautiful, smart, rich, happy, clever, funny or successfull people may seem, they all went through those lonely, long and sleepless nights. Or this sudden moment, when without any real reasons, your heart comes right along your lips, and it feels like the world is just a big black hole. This small matter, these little memories that hurt deep inside. We all know about them, yet we all pretend we don't. It seems that telling, confessing, admitting about those is forbidden, people fear revealing them more than anything else. Putting a name on this something is like opening one of the most private part of yourself to others, giving your most fragile aspect to the eyes of anyone. 
Yet what is the matter? What is wrong with that? Why should there be a distance between us and others? Why are we always told to keep some things for ourselves? What is it going to bring us? The world would be a so much better place, if everyone could tell what hurts them. What is painful to them. Tell their stories, their fears and doubts. If we could all share and all comfort one another. 
Wouldn't it be wonderful, if we could open ourselves to others without any fear, or apprehension? Anxiety wouldn't exist anymore, if we all took time to love. If we all really believed in one another and gave everyone a chance. When someone is mean to me, I don't want to fight back. I want to show him or her what hurts me, the darkness in my dreams, the reason why I cry at night and the color of my sky when I feel down. I want to show this person we are all the same. We all are insecure sometimes. We all are children who suffered from something, we all are teenagers ashamed of a part of us. And we all are adults with doubts and regrets. What is so wrong with opening yourself truly, completely to others?
 I want to believe this person wouldn't be mean anymore to me, I want to believe she/he'd see herself/himself in me, and would understand that all we need is love and sympathy. That might be so cheesy or naive, but once again, I think some truths are cheesy and clichés; it just takes some courage to face them. Sometimes intelligence has to come from the heart, and not from the brain. Loving people is a source of joy with no common. 

Loving others is the only way to happinness.


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  1. Cute video! We are so similar in so many ways and so different at the same time. Thanks for sharing!