lundi 27 juillet 2015

Le Sud.

The south of France... I spent all of my childhood there, and never quite realised what a paradise it can be. I actually had not gone back in three years for summer vacations. Even more surprising, it had been six years since I went to the beach. And I love the sea, the blue blue sea!
There's not much I can say but that it was a great, great time. I was definitely not expecting it to be such a pleasant and relaxing time but it was.
I even miss it a little bit... I'm glad it didn't take longer for me to realise how happy I can be there, and how peaceful spending time with family and friends, under the sun and listening to the melody of waves.

4 commentaires:

  1. Bonjour Emy, ça fait un petit bout de temps maintenant que je regarde tes vidéos et ton blog. Je tenais à te dire que tu es une personne vraiment géniale; j'aime ta façon de penser, ta façon de t'exprimer... Tu m'as aidée pour beaucoup de choses, notamment l'acceptation de soi, de son corps... Tu fais partie des personnes qui m'ont ouvert les yeux sur la condition animale, je suis maintenant végétarienne depuis 6 mois et c'est entre autre grâce à toi. Je te dis donc un grand merci et j'espère que tu continueras encore longtemps tes vidéos.
    ps: tes photos me font toujours autant rêver :)

  2. That water looks so refreshing. Such a cute pic! x

  3. I came here from your youtube channel, because I really like it. You're so pretty and have such an amazing voice. I've spent the last couple years trying to learn French, and you're so much of an inspiration to me :)

  4. Paris or The Midi? I'll take the Midi. Especially in the summertime. All the great food, the sunshine and the beautiful sea.It's really cool to meet someone there who is of mixed heritage(sometimes that lovely mix of Spanish,Italian and French) and revel in their beauty and their intelligence. Bring back the Provencal/Occitan language as well!