lundi 23 novembre 2015


 While in Slovenia, my sister and I went to Piran. A wonderful and charming city in the south of the city, that is very blue. Blue the sky, blue the sea, blue the sheets at the window, blue the shutters... There's not much I want to write about Pyran, pictures speak a thousand words in that case, and yet... they don't really pay justice to this peaceful, sunny day we spent in... October ! I can hardly believe it was merely a month ago! Definitely a highlight of the trip, where the sea is you can hardly go wrong, that's for sure.

4 commentaires:

  1. Hello! Beautiful pictures! Looks a bit like the south of France, where I'm living right now :) I'm staying in a small village called Cabris, next to a more well known city called Grasse. Maybe you've heard of it? :) It's about half an hour driving distance from Cannes. In December I'm going to go back home to Finland, my home country, but not without paying Paris a visit! How could I not? I have really been enjoyig your blog posts and videos lately so I thought I should ask you for idees to do in Paris! Whats your favorite cafe, vegan restaurant, library, park, jogging track? Whatever! Would be amazing to meet you. A bit creepy perhaps haha but to meet you for a tea and have some interesting discussions would be cool^^ If you would like to get to know me, my instagram is AdelinaLintuluoto :)

  2. My dear friend, I bet you to come to Cyprus. If you haven't really visited the Greek island yet, you should. It's a sunny, small island in the Mediterranean sea, full of calmness and beauty, It has plenty of sights I'm sure you'll love. xx
    P,S; I love your videos and your perspective/view of life.

  3. Anastasia, I love your videos. As I see from your pictures you love nature, I'm sure you'll love that small Greek island called Cyprus. You should see pictures, especially Omodos! You should tell me what you thing. Also, I love your videos, very interesting point of view. xx