jeudi 15 décembre 2011

No winter this december.

Some of you asked me where I was last week end, when I had no internet connection.
I was in the country side, far away(not that much) from Paris, visiting my aunt&uncle's place.
I love going there, and I love it more&more the more I grow up. I'm definitely thinking of being burried there.
Since I was born, every summer at least, we would go there, and this is probably the place with most memories for me. I love the countryside, I've always loved nature and I realize now, how lucky I was as a kid to have this. The long walks in the forest, helping my aunt in the garden, riding the tractor with my uncle, feeding the cows,sheep and playing with rabbits, hens and guinea pigs. I love farms and being around animals, I like the fact that I'm not a citygirl, who is afraid of a spade or to milk a cow. No fox, deer, wild boar or hare due to the winter and early night but I really enjoyed this short time far away from everything.

But I'm always happy to go back to Paris, my little home. We went, with my roommate to see a bit the city and the lights&decorations for Christmas. Paris is definitely beautiful anytime of the Year.

4 commentaires:

  1. what lovely pictures! =) And I know what you mean with being happy to be able to work in nature... I love nature too! It definitely doesn't look like snow though... a litlle scary, isn't it?

    PS: the (dead?) porcupine is impressive.. but also the first picture!! love them =)

  2. amazing pictures. and you are so cute :)

  3. now it's winter!! =) at least here in Switzerland it's snowing :D