dimanche 14 octobre 2012

On the road again.

I really want to write interesting and entertaining posts on here, but it's raining every single day in Paris so I don't go out. And I also spend most of my time online, and studying.
So I thought I'd share with you five of my most awesome memories. My Top5, I guess, of the places I've been to! I'd love to read yours by the way ! :) So feel freeee to share it with me :)


Ok. First one is Budapest. If you know me a tiny bit, I'm sure you saw that coming. Budapest is my favourite city, apart from Paris. I can't really explain why I loved it that much, but I loved it even before going there. While planning my trip in Europe, I said ' I'm not going to like Sweden, but I'm sure I'm going to adore Budapest". I was completely right. Budapest stole my heart, from the very first moment. I loved the station, the street that lead us to our hotel. Lovely hotel bytheway. I loved the atmospheer, during the day but also during nighttime. It was just magnificient, and I felt at home immediatly. The first day was kind of cloudy and rainy, but the next day was super sunny and bright. I think I'll remember forever the the sun on the Fishermen's Bastion, the silence around the Gresham Palace at night, the beauty of the Parliament, the adorable little houses, the breakfast at Gerbeaud... Everything. When I feel down, when I feel good, this is always where I wish I could be. Because I'm pretty sure sadness would fly away, and happiness would taste amazing there. I actually loved Budapest so much that I'm really thinking of learning hungarian, and spend sometime there in the future.
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My first travel, my first experience of pure amazment to be somewhere else. I was around 13/14years old. I don't have many memories from that trip to be honest, or well I do have some, but there are completely different from the ones I have now, as a 'travellover". I love Germany. I love german people, so friendly, openminded and warm. I love Bayern, it's like a place out of time. Green, deep, silent and yet so alive. Full of history, full of mysteries and castles and spirituality. Everyone would feel small, so small and would immediatly understand the meaning of 'dream' seeing Königsee or Neuschwanstein castles, only to name a few. I'm sorry I have no idea what I was thinking with the huge writing on the pictures. Such a shame!

We actually accidently deleted the pictures from Cheddar. But feel free to check it online, it's so beautiful!
Cheddar. The epitome of England to me. From what I've seen from it at least. A peaceful, quiet, charming little village(?), lost in England, surrounded by high cliffs. I don't really know what to say about Cheddar. It was just so peaceful, so far away from any troubles, issues or everyday chores. A place where life seems to be so sweet, so easy and basically charming. Yes, charming suits this place perfectly. This is where I had my first 'fish&chips' in England. It was a sunny sunny day, we bought lucky stones with Jamie, had lot of fun with Kieran. This roadtrip in England was definitely one of the happiest and most carefree moments of my life.


Nara. It's hard to choose a precise place, moment in Japan. But Nara was amazing. When I think about it now, a melancholic and somehow sad feeling appears. Probably because of the rain that didn't stop during our time there, and also the night that seems to be present in every of my memories of that city. We didn't stay long there, only one day. But the night we spent there,was the most amazing and beautiful night of my life. Well, in a way. I left this place with some regrets, I want to see Nara in the rays of the sun, I want to spend more than one day there. Moreover, when you know a bit about the history of Japan, you can only feel lucky and amazed to be there.

I wasn't sure if Venice would make it to the top5. I can't really understand these doubts though. I really liked Venezia. Not my favourite city, but a city that inspired me to write. A city as peaceful as a willage yet magnificient like a great city from another era. Venezia is always on the edge, so full of past, secrets but never sad. There's this shadow you fear at every corner, but you always find a beautful building, some flowers on a balcony, a cosy little restaurant or a gondolier singing. When you leave Venice, you already want to be back, and you secretely hope that time will forget you if you spend enough time there, just like it forgot the whole city, leaving it untouched. There are two particular places I loved the most there. Burano, and the Lido beach. We visited Burano the whole day, it takes quite a while to get there from Venice itself. This little village is just lovely and so colorful(oh really?!). It reminded me of how when I was a child I used to wonder why buildings weren't red, blue green... I thought it'd make everyone much happier! I don't knw if I was right, but I felt pretty happy in Burano. And the Lido beach was just lovely. I love the sea, I love the ocean even more, and I just love beaches in general. So no wonder, why a day in Burano, ending on this almost desert beach was, well, quite perfect!

What about the places that you'll go back immediatly if you could? :)

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  1. I think I must not have done Budapest justice when I went, my only lasting feeling of the place was how massive it was compared to what I expected, and how everyone I met seemed a little downbeat.

    Prague was my favourite place so far, the gothic nature of the place was nostalgic of a grimm brothers fairy tale, the dark dunkel beer was delicious, and the atmosphere felt positive.

    Barcelona was a close second, it was colourful, vibrant and exciting. Anywhere that has a giant central market dull of fresh fruit, veg and spices already scores plenty of points in my book.

    I've never been to Japan, but I'm pretty much already in love with the idea of it, so I'm sure when I finally go it will be my favourite!

    1. Oh really? Well I guess it depends on everyone's tastes :)
      I'm going to Prague at the end of next month! I'm so impatient and excited I've been loving czech republic since middle school ! :o
      I really want to go to Barcelona, only because everyone says it's great. But i don't think I'll like it really :/
      And you're right Japan is amazing !

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  3. Goodness, what lovely places you've been to. I've always wanted to pick up my shoes and travel, but haven't been financially able to yet. My number one place to visit is definitely Paris - and other parts of Europe too. :)