lundi 17 juin 2013

I found you.

I'm back from my oneweek trip to Italy!
Let me tell you... One of the most eventful&tiring trip I've done so far!
Quite surprising when you think I only went to a few cities in Italy right? But as much as I love Italy, that's the country I always find the most difficulties staying in.

Italy is beautiful. Beautiful churches, beautiful houses, beautiful beaches, beautiful landscapes, beautiful streets &restaurants, beautiful nights&early mornings. But Italy is slow, hot, disorganized and rough.
Services... Trains, boats, buses are slow which becomes really irritating and overwhelming when there are so many tourists/people around and that the temperature&humidity rises up.
Staff are slow too. In hostels, restaurants&supermarkets. It may be me, living in Paris, but I get really easily exasperated by the slowness of things. With a quick rythm, you've given the choice to be slow if you wish to, but with a slow rythm ... you have no choice really.
And people are so rough. Don't get me wrong there are lovely and sweet, really friendly and warm people in Italy, but there are A LOT of rough people who will bump into you, not hold the door for you, who apparently can't move aside when you're struggling with your suitcase, nor use "grazie" very often.
There's a cliché about Paris, that every person who came here I've talked with has denied however, that says that french people are rude and unfriendly. I actually think french people are very polite, and that's this softness&politeness I missed in Italy.
And the food... I became vegan recently. Not strictly vegan as I keep eating eggs that come from my aunt's hens, but still vegan, and I don't like carbs nor sweet things too much. Now, I'm not too keen on generalizations&stereotypes but really... in Italy you'll find pizza, pasta, ice creams, cakes everywhere. I was CRAVING my veggies. I'm not sure why exactly, but last time I came to Italy, I also suffered a lot because of the food, which isn't the case when I go to Germany, eastern Europe or Japan. I still miss my healthy food&my diet isn't really simple to follow on the road, but Italy is the place where it's the hardest!

Now, now, I see you starting to think why did you go back to Italy then?

Because I love it!
I'm in love with Florence, I'm in love with Venice&Burano, and I was so excited to visit Siena&Cinque Terre for the first time! Italy is charming and full of beauty. I'm just still trying to figure out a way to fully enjoy being there. I'll eventually find how I'm sure!

Here are a few pictures of this trip, I'm keeping Siena&Cinque Terre for a next entry!
I hope you enjoy those!

3 commentaires:

  1. I'm Italian and I perfectly understand what you mean!
    P.S. I love your blog

  2. ‘By far the greatest impediment and aberration of the human understanding arises from [the fact that]...those things that strike the sense outweigh things which, although they may be more important, do not strike it directly. Hence, contemplation usually ceases with seeing, so much so that little or no attention is paid to things invisible.’- Francis Bacon.

    I felt a deep urge to reveal this hopefully unseen quote… I’m an avid follower of your travels and informative videos, which are greatly appreciated. Your unrelenting desire to learn about different cultures and to experience life to its fullest has completely captivated me. One must have a heart and passion the size of Earth itself to want to study it as much as you do. Your life is nothing less of poetic. You’re something truly special and I feel privileged to be able to read your posts and see how you are doing; even more so, where you are visiting next! You see the “invisible” in life- Thank you Emy.

  3. You are unfortunately right. We have wonderful cities plenty of art to see and enjoy like the ones you visited, BUT we are incapable of making them tourist-friendly (services and so on).. This problem bothers tourists and locals (and makes me mad). I think it's really sad not to be able to make enjoyable the poetry we could express. One advice I can give you is to contact an italian guy or girl and ask him whatever you need before you go (you have the power of your blog) ;)
    I love you and and your Blog
    A guy from Milan