dimanche 19 janvier 2014

On what I eat.

vegan chocolate cookies made with avocaado!

healthy full of vitamins breakfast!

smashed bananas with some lemon juice! the perfect sweet little treat!

green beans and sesame seeds + potatoes and broccolis!

I get an awful lot of questions regarding what I eat. So I thought I'd do a quick post, answering some of the most frequently asked questions, and maybe, will I keep blogging about food? 

As probably 90%of you already know it, I am a vegan. I became a vegetarian when I was 14, and a vegan a bit less than a year ago, and I'm now 21,soon to be 22. I am healthy, strong, happy with what I eat, I love cooking and I love discovering new tastes and recipes.
What I don't like is suffering, murder, blood and hypocrisy that lies in the way too often heard speech I love animals, I just love meat, we were made to eat meat ... bullshit. 

Maybe a bit less than 90% of you know that I'm never sugarcoating my thoughts when it comes to that matter, or to any important matter that involves lives in fact, and when people tell me I'm violent, it makes me laugh, coming from people eating murdered sentent beings, yes that is quite laughable. So if you don't like reading/hearing someone stating facts and not disguising reality in order to not hurt you, or being 100%honest, I suggest you don't read this.

I am not going to talk about why I became a vegan, and why everyone should, that's another topic, a long and complicated topic that brings unfortunately many bad reactions from a lot of people. 
More than that, I'd like to talk about how good, easy, healthy and just great vegan cuisine is!

Pumpkin with garlic and fresh herbs baked in the oven!-you could add some maple sirup-

kimchi rice! ah. the delice. 

I am eating a lot of raw food, but that's a complete different story, up to everyone's personal choice and preferences(which isn't the case of eating animals, as a choice that involves the death of living beings doesn't sound very personal to me).
And eating raw is delicious! Juices, smoothies, salads, bowls of fruits, raw sushi, raw desserts ... The list is long and oh, I can't tell you how good that tastes, and how amazing that makes you feel!

But adopting a vegan diet doesn't mean you'll eat only raw food or salads. Hard to believe but true, many people still have this misconception that because I am a vegan, I eat less products, less foods, lack nutrients, iron, vitamins, proteins  ... And don't like food!
Well sorry to break all of your preconceptions. .. I LOVE food, to be honest, from all of my friends, I'm the one who loves food the most, and who cooks the most! If there's a dinner, it's at my place, and nowhere else!


stuffed zucchini! cute, easy and delicious!-stuffed with mushrooms,peppers and quinoa-

People can get a little intimidated when it comes to changing their lifestyle to a vegan one or a vegetarian one, but if you decide to do so ... not only are you making the good choice for the planet, animals and other human beings, but you're also entering a world of delicious meals!

There are some foods that are ... a vegan or a vegetarian's best friends. And I'm going to share some of them with you! Ok, bananas. Bananas are an amazing fruit that allows you to do all sorts of fun recipes and gives you a lot of energy! Quinoa tastes amazing, is super healthy and is great if you want to cook some salads, couscous, tabbouleh ... Tofu. I could write a whole book about tofu! It's amazing. So many textures, tastes and possibilites! I like the plain soft of firm tofu, and it's perfect for stews, stir fries, desserts ... Tomato sauce, soy sauce, deep fried ... tofu is the best! And it tastes as good as long as you know how to make it good. If it doesn't taste good ... just don't blame tofu! Beans and nuts! Beans are great, I mean who doesn't love a good chili?And nuts add a little yummy touch to vegan icecream, chocolate cakes or make really good creemy sauce! 

vegan sushi!

fresh orange juice! with some bergamot oranges!

Avocados! They taste good, they allow you to bake, they make great guacamole to spice up a dish, delicious vegan avocado carbonara, sushis ... 
Potatoes/sweet potatoes also make it to the list! Instead of the super salty deep fried fries, you can bake potatoes/sweet potatoes fries in your oven, or smashed potatoes, or gnocchi ... 
Seasoning is important, it can really make any dish taste delicious, and bring you to India, Japan, Korea, Moroco or the south of France for example!

tofu with japchae sauce! with veggies!

sweet potatoes&potatoes fries and lamb's lettuce!

vegan chicken with a mustard crust!

You love meat too much? Or fish too much? Or cheese too much? First of all, that isn't a question of liking or not a taste. I don't dislike the taste of meat, quite the contrary, I LOVE fish and ADORE cheese. I just don't think of myself as the center of the world, the master of living beings, and don't value more a brief culinary pleasure than the life of a sentent beings. 
Good news for you though, there are tons of alternatives! Vegan cheese ( not going to lie it's not the same, especially being french I know quite a bit about cheese but still good), vegan meat, vegan sausages, pizzas, almond milk, soy milk, vegan yogurts ... 

colorful and beautiful bell peppers!onions make it tasty!

You also learn to explore and try all the different vegetables or fruits! Okras, jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes, all sorts of pumpkins!, parsnips, fennel, all colors/shapes of tomatoes, asian mushrooms, dragon fruits, cashew apples, loquats, kumquats ...

homemade apple sauce with cinnamon!
I hope this post was interesting to some of you, hopefully to many of you, I hope this rose interest for a vegan or vegetarian diet, if you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them! I could start blogging about food a bit more, as I love it so much! Let me know if you'd like to see recipes or tips! And if you have any advice, suggestions or recommendations feel free to share them as well! I didn't mean to offend any of you, I just feel very much about this topic because it is important, and for many reasons! Plus it just makes food even more delicious and joyful!
With that being said, bon appétit!

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  1. Without even trying to, I often cook myself vegetarian/vegan meals. I know if I made a switch, it wouldn't be that difficult. I love the variety of food ideas you've shared. x

    1. You love soups afterall! ;)
      How can I put that without sounding like a guru... I hope you decide to make the switch oneday or think about it seriously ! :) I guess it still sounded like a guru!
      Food is great isn't it?! I'd love to know what are your favourite soups btw!x

  2. May I ask what kind of camera do you use? It takes such great photos! Love the blog too! Its a wanderlusters heaven!

  3. How do you get enough Vitamin B12?

    1. I'm not sure whether you know this or not, but the B12 you get from meat is usually not present in meat and is added via supplements given to the animals. Which means it isn't more natural for a meat eater to get B12 than for a vegan/vegetarian. You can find it in soy/rice/almond milks (it's also added) in cereals ... I don't lack any for the moment, but if I were to lack some at some point in my life I'd see my doctor and ask for supplements, easy!

  4. Cool article ! I find the concept of vegan chicken suuuper odd though, especially if you think that the concept of eating meat is horrible. If it's so horrible, why eating something that imitates that horrible food? And if life is so easy without meat, why replace it with something that looks like it?

    1. Life is easy without meat.
      I just like fake chicken for its texture and the fact that it is not the taste of meat that i don't like , eventhough now i don't like anymore, it tastes similar to chicken but better in my opinion. And just because it's good.
      Would it make you more comfortable if that was called differently? We just give it this name, like we call soy milk "milk" when we could call it juice. Nothing more than vocabulary.

  5. Meh, I really dislike when people start debating in favour of eating meat. It's ridiculous and as you say, we don't need meat to get all the nutrients we require. It really is a misconception that ordinary people need animal proteins to survive. Posts like this are so good, I think you're planting a seed about vegetarian/vegan diets in peoples mind by writing about this and posting such pictures. All looks YUMM. <3
    (and I have to be honest, I am still a meat-eater, BUT I am starting to cut down on the meat in my diet and slowly turning vegetarian, as a start.)

  6. I just discovered you via youtube, and I was so happy to find that you're a vegan too :) <3 I will definitely continue reading (and follow) your blog (on bloglovin) :D You are so beautiful and inspiring.
    ~ Love and light from a Fairy of the Norwegian Woods ~