vendredi 24 janvier 2014


I got inspired by the very lovely and sweet Colleen to make this short post, with pictures of, hands down one of my favourite things in the world. The sky.
I think Yoko Ono said she was in love with the sky, and I couldn't agree more.
I am always searching for it, looking up for its beautiful and neverending blue, or even gray, and it's such a beautiful reminder of both how little we are, and how amazing it is to be alive on this beautiful planet.
When life may be hard, or your spirit a bit down, it feels so comforting to look up and find it, always here, and to think we're all under the same sky, yet see it so differently is also amazing.
I've often wondered has it ever happened, that there was the same sky twice since the begining of times?

And how many people right now, are doing the same thing as me, stopping for a little while what they're doing, just to catch this moment in its beauty? How many of us are looking at the sky, our hearts maybe full of the same feelings?
Hope, joy, determination or searching for the strengh to carry on and not give up?

Prague. Probably one of my favourite pictures.
Miyajima, Japan.
Kamakura. Japan. 
Venice. Sorry for the poor quality!
Florence. once again the quality isn't great, but I've seen the most beautiful skies in Italy.
Napoli. And its almost transparent sky.
My hometown.
Moscow. Lines always cross the sky there.
Paris, cloudy and beautiful.
London and yes. a blue sky. I know.
Bratislava. The bluest sky.
Florence. bis.
French countryside.

I do have a preference for blue sky with big and white clouds, but I've learned to like the gray ones too. Just like I've learned to enjoy the little things in a day that didn't start well. 
I love the sky so much that I've had this idea for a tattoo for a couple of years now, I may end up doing it eventually. It would feel good to carry everywhere I go, even in the dark rooms a little bit of that blue happiness.
Now that I think about it, I love the sea as much as I love the sky, maybe even more, and it kind of makes sense why blue is my favourite color!
Don't forget to check out Colleen's blog, her pictures are beautiful!
I hope this post brought a bit of positivity to your day!

7 commentaires:

  1. Fantastic pictures Emy, congratulations!! I love the sky when it is almost orange as in your Hometown and Florence. But the other pictures are amazing too (I love photograpy!), especially Prague and Budapest. So, nice job Emy and don't worry about the quality!

  2. Aw, thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. It's so nice to hear that I inspired something! I meant to comment on this earlier but I was on a mini road trip (more on that later…)
    I love the big fluffy white clouds too. x

  3. Love this series, and the inspiration! Some of my fave cities too :)

  4. I like to think of the sky as a thing that bonds us together because no matter who you are or where you live the sky will always be there, above you. I adore these pictures, thanks for sharing them with us :)

  5. Humans are most likely the only animals, who raise their heads up to the sky. Therefore the sky has always been a source of inspiration. I can't think of a culture, which isn't influenced in some way by the sky. Despite of all the recently made scientific discoveries, the sky hasn't lost its mysterious appearance. The sky keeps on showing the limitation of human consciousness, but not in an offensive way, it causes positive amazement. Life without the sky would be senseless. Existence would be depressing. Unimaginable, there actually wouldn’t be a sky in the absence of humans (no one would recognise it). They need each other, they are married, two sides of the same coin. In a nutshell, we can’t be different from what is around us.
    I personally prefer night-time skies, especially at the countryside, where the stars are visible.

  6. The photos of Venice and Florence are really breathtaking!
    I also love to look up at the sky - mostly during sunrises or sunsets, as this moment of transition is full of changes and offers so much beauty! And the night sky, away from the cities and the light pollution, so that one can really see all the stars and perhaps even the moon... really, one of the most beautiful things in this world. That's when I realize how big this world, heck, the whole universe is and how little we acutally know...

  7. I love this post about your love for clouds and skies, yay! And seeing different places where you take them gives me inspiration to do the same as I haven't been doing. Thank you for this! Love from Bangkok!