dimanche 2 février 2014

Raw Sweetness.

No this blog isn't turning into a foodblog, but but...  I love food. I probably spend half of my time thinking of food, therefore it seems a bit umbelievable that food was completely left out from this blog. Especially because food to me, is obviously pleasure, love and sharing good times with lovely people, but also health, ethics and spirituality.
Now now, where do I find spirituality in fruits pies you'll ask?

Well those are fresh, colorful, cruelty free and alive! Those fruits and nuts are beautiful sources of energy that directly go into your body! You nourish both your body and soul, I believe, when eating healthy and beautiful foods!

I am not found of nuts. In fact, I only peanuts and cashews. Walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts ... any other kind of nuts, no thanks. However the crust of those pies is made of nuts. And dates. And guess what? I don't like dates either. I did like those pies though. I guess the flavor of the cashew filling and the fruits balance everything out, even for those who don't like nuts that much like me.

In order to make the crust all you need are nuts, flax seeds, hemp seeds and dates! In the original recipe, that you can find here : thisrawsomeveganlife , both almonds and walnuts are used for the crust, however because I really do not like walnuts, I used solely almond. And the best part of that is definitely the cashew cream which is ... delicious. Delicious. And I am french. I know about pastry, and eventhough this definitely doesn't taste like my regular tarte aux fruits, it is very very good! And honestly knowing that those are all good fats, cruelty free and easy on your diggestion make them even tastier!

It was my first time making a raw dessert, and I can already see how I could improve this recipe to fit better my own tastes, which is what cooking is all about in my opinion! Taking something and making it your own to then share it with your beloved ones and share the love! 
I'll do those little pies again for sure and I strongly suggest you trying them out! They're good, healthy, pretty and would surprise most guests!


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  1. This seems super delicious! I must try it!

  2. Merci Emy! I will try this recipe! I cannot wait. I had a question for you that I've been thinking about this morning.. What are your thoughts on eggs from chickens you care for yourself or are cared for by a friend? As much love and care you give to them, it does seem wrong to keep them for the sole purpose of taking something from them..

    1. Here is a song I thought you would enjoy on vegetarianism and animal rights from the musical Dr. Dolittle:
      If you like older movies or musicals it is a great film to watch on a rainy day when you need some cheering up.

    2. I'm not sure really...
      I guess I like chickens. I wouldn't have them just because they lay eggs, but because i love animals, being around them, and taking care of them. The fact that they lay eggs is really just a plus. I actually really like chickens so...
      I can see where you're going but... I don't think that this is really bad. In a way, we're also having some people around for the sole purpose of using some of their abilities, i guess it is how a society works and as long as you don't hurt living beings by doing so, or deprive them from something they need ... I don't think it's bad... But I could be wrong though! :)
      And I love Dr Dolittle! thank you !:)

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  4. Salut, Emy! I absolutely love watching your videos on YouTube, and I just started reading your blog and I love it so much! I really want to try being vegan, but I feel like I need your advice with some things. I'm in college, and have to live off cafeteria food most of the time, so there aren't that many options that qualify as vegan. Do you have any recommendations for how to maintain a vegan diet in college? Also, I feel like whenever I eat fruit, vegetables, etc. I get hungry really quickly afterwards. Are there any vegan foods/combinations of foods that would keep me full for a longer period of time? Or do you think I simply need to just snack more frequently throughout the day? Merci beaucoup!