dimanche 9 février 2014

Project 365.

 I follow this lovely lady, Kaylah, whose blog I love and she inspired me to start this project365.
Now you don't need to be good at maths to figure out that this isn't going to be a real "365", since I started doing it more than a month late.. Still, I think this is a great way to appreciate everyday a little bit more, by searching for the little things that are worth being remembered, and then look back on a year that is made of common, exciting, unexpected, little, big, beautiful and funny things that sometimes we forget...
So here's my first week of this project365, feel free to start this project as well and if you decide to do it let me know! I'd love to see your pictures!

2.02 - Celebrating the Chandeleur with my sister by eating vegan crêpes.

3.02 - Old books by Notre Dame, on a little(5kms)walk with my best friend.

4.02 - Teenager revival with this plaid shirt. And yes I don't wear matching socks.

5.02 - Last dinner before my best friend's departure for Bucharest for 6months. And the start of a vegetarian lifestyle for him!
6.02 - My sister got me this lovely bracelet, that goes perfectly with my "oui" tattoo.

7.02 - I'll never get sick of that sight.

8.02 - Visiting the Gustave Moreau Museum with the lovely Shannon.

9.02 - Sunday is marketday and what's better than beautiful fresh fruits and veggies?!

6 commentaires:

  1. Hi... I've been following you for a while on YT and you're inspirational by all the thins yo do in life. Then I came to your blog and I found this amazing pictures... Really beautiful.. I was wondering what camera /lens do u use? Congrats from México :D

  2. I love these photos… they are so captivating! I particularly love the one of that spiral staircase. I like this idea… can't wait to see more of your photos. x

  3. oh..too bad you`re not coming to Bucharest as well :( . I would have loved to meet you but I do hope your friend has a great time here! xx

  4. I like this project a lot!!! I am gonna do my best to follow it during 2016! Consistency is not my biggest strenght but I am really gonna try. I am so inspired by what you do. You're partly the reason why I started my latest blog (many failed attempts over the years). I loved your blog so much that mine has a very similar layout. Please don't call me a copycat!!! I was just really inspired by you!