dimanche 16 février 2014


And here we go with week number 2 of this project. I'm really enjoying it so far! It gives me more reasons to go out and look up, or look at things differently...

10.02 I'm in love with parisian buildings. They are beautiful and on my walk to school this day the light was so pretty. Pictures don't even make it justice.

11.02 I started practising yoga. Yoga is great because it makes you love your body, listen to it and every progress is such a joy. Here's a little toestand for you.

12.02 Vegan deliciousness. nothing else to add.

13.02 Thursday was rainy, windy, cold and I barely got enough sleep. It started raining and I had no umbrella. Fortunately a lovely man working in a shop nearby lent me this umbrella. I live in a great neighbourhood.

14.02 Check out this little yellow man!

15.02 A lovely sunset after a tiring week.

16.02  A storm in preparation

17.02 I'm sorry this picture was taken with my phone, but my camera is too heavy for me to take while I'm jogging. Notre Dame was the end of a 5kms run.


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