jeudi 20 février 2014

A night to remember . 2.

I said I was going to write part 2 of the "a night to remember" post, but after I sat in front of my computer I realised that this was already part 2. or maybe even more than that. And that I should perhaps write part 1 3/4. So here it is.


Summer 2011 Paris.
A year before Tokyo.

She leaned towards me offering me her ear. The music was so loud we could barely hear each other. My lips almost touching her hair I repeated myself. She smiled at me. 
-Yes absolutely!
There were so many people that it was nearly impossible to move but I managed to turn around and glanced at the crowd. Patches of light were visible on the dark sea of heads, moving in synchronisation. Despite feeling awfully tired after already one night spent outside, I could feel the energy go through my body. That was all I could feel, energy. It seemed as if I were one with the rest of the people there and while I was probably hurting, I couldn't feel anything and kept moving, occasionally screaming in my friend's ear. I was raising my arms and screaming, most likely looking slighly insane, at the best ridiculous when the lights hit him. I felt very dimly my arms fall again against my body as if only a very small part of me was still able to connect with what was happenning now. I didn't even try to take my eyes off him, there were so many people anyway, and I already felt like I was just a drop in a human sea, a drop impossible to notice.  But his eyes stopped on me, it was as if the sun decided to shine brightly on one and only wave in the vast ocean . The luckiest of all. The music became louder and in a few notes the whole crowd vanished away. The sun shined so bright the ocean had evaporated. Locked. I had never felt this way before, having one eyes locked in someone else's. I was so immersed into these grey eyes that with a bit of effort I could have seen through them. It was a strange thing. Now, of that night, I can only remember those eyes, they float on a face that I know but have no memories of. Still I saw him raise his hand towards me and smile. The body that apparently was mine started with surprise, and so did my face. I didn't feel it, it was as if I saw it through his eyes this time. My mouth and eyes opened wide. "me?" His smile grew bigger, he winked and nodded. "haha yes you". But the wave disappeared suddenly into the vast ocean, submerged, as the crowd as one and giant dancer moved and swallowed me up. When I resurfaced, the sun had already gone down. My friend nudged me with an extactic face : "Did that really just happen? !" And the girl next to me, whom I didn't really know to add :" did you know each other? He smiled at you as if you did." 

As we were walking towards the metro station exhausted and stiff I couldn't help but see his eyes and the amused spark in them, no matter how hard I tried to ignore them.
I took a deep breath of fresh air hoping this would help dissipate the visions. 
- That was crazy, she and I said in unison.
We looked at each other and started laughing. We had no idea how crazy that really was.

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  1. not sure i follow the link between this and the first part but good piece!

  2. Loved the part 2. Part 3 ? What happened next..... ? :D
    I love the way you write, please keep on writing this beautiful way :)

  3. Bonjour Emy!
    You know by now I have been reading your blog for awhile haha and clearly I enjoy it! Your always so honest and full of creativity. Whether it is your blog or your Youtube account so I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!
    You can find the nomination details here if you would like to accept :)


  4. I'm vegan, living in the Parisian area and I also have a blog :
    :D Please, tell me what you think ;) I really like the way you write, hope you'll enjoy the way I write too :)