mardi 6 mai 2014


What about Eger?
It looks pretty doesn't it?
My sister nodded, and so it was decided, we were going to visit Eger during our stay in Budapest. I wanted to see more of Hungary, but one week remained pretty short so I had to pick up one and only city. Eger seemed lovely, not too far away but quite frankly, we didn't choose it for any particular reason.
Now, I could go back for a bunch. And absolutely recommend it to you.

This day was one of the higlights of this trip. The weather was lovely, the city lovely, the people? lovely, the food? delicious, eventhough we couldn't find anything vegan, the prices? très lovely. The whole atmospheer was just peaceful, nice and relaxing. If I could I would go back right now, and sit on this bench in front of the basilica, looking people go by, families, young and old couples or teenagers laughing together.

I wish we had had more time to spend there, a couple of nights would have been good. Next time Eger, right?

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  1. wine, wine, wine :)

  2. Yay this blog is awesome ^_^ I love this and all your other travel blogs because I love to travel as well and you go to such beautiful places.

    ( )