jeudi 3 juillet 2014

Life in Paris - The Père Lachaise cemetery

After the warm welcome that was given to my last "Paris post" I decided to go out today, despite the heat (I almost melted) and bring my camera along with me to snap some more pictures of my lovely city. I didn't go far, actually pretty much stayed in my 'quartier', and even though I only needed to get a few ingredients for tonight's dinner, I decided to take a little walk in one of my absolute favourite spots in Paris: the Père Lachaise cemetery. You might remember an old post on this very same blog, but one never gets tired of such a beautiful and soothing place.
I also included a few pictures of Paris, the streets and little details I love about this city. I sometimes get asked if France is a racist country, and I get questions from people worrying about coming to Paris in case people wouldn't like foreigners. Muslims are currently doing the Ramadan and there's the World Cup, two big events in many people's lives. Walking in the streets there were dozens of algerian and french flags next to each other, and so many stands of delicious oriental cakes, breads and dishes. That's a side of Paris I love, and a side I wish more people would proudly show. Sure, there are racist people here, unfortunately like everywhere, but there are mostly many people who don't care and enjoy being all together.

This guy(note the beers hmhm) asked  for a picture!

healthy&vegan snack

final result of tonight's dinner. tofu&gombo with some noodles. the delish.

That's all for this "life in Paris post",  I hope you enjoyed scrolling through these pictures. Let me know if there is any particular place you'd like me to talk about, anyway, I'll keep writing that kind of post, I actually enjoy them very much! I hope you do too!

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  1. Look so pretty nice! special the last photo with the food (just because I feel so hungry now) but your photos and your post it's really amazing

  2. I really love these and your whole blog! Honestly, I came across you fairly recently because Im trying to learn french as a third language (Spanish being my first, and English my second) and I was looking for some french poetry on YouTube. I found the video in which you read some and I loved it! You've got a loyal reader/viewer here, merci!

  3. The pictures are lovely, makes me miss that one time I visited Paris! I'm currently exploring Dubai, have a read on my blog about my journey :D!

    Love, xo

  4. I've never been in France, so I can't say what I would like to see. But definitely this kind of posts makes me happy to read. After reading this post I realized how much I miss Europe, climate of the city there is really romantic. I'm from Poland, but currently living in Dubai. It's nice city, but totally different the our mother countries.
    P.S. Great videos, I found your channel 3 day ago when I was searching vegan stuff. You take my free day :-) Happy to find you.

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