vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Easy&Quick Banana Pie.

First recipe posted on this blog is a sweet one.
I always buy too many bananas, God knows why, and I end up with black bananas which I don't like to eat, since I like eating my fruits almost green. Bananas are very good for health, yet a bit too rich so I like to lower the quantity of the ingredients used in this pie.

You'll need:
-3 or 4bananas.
-2 eggs.
-150 gr of sugar.
-100 gr of flour.
-2 spoons of crème fraîche (fresh cream).

Here's the video to show you the steps of this very easy pie :)

1.First unroll the pastry on a pan. It's important to make holes with a fork in it. :)
2.Then separate two egg yolks, and keep them for later.
3. Then mash one or two bananas. Add 2 spoons of crème fraîche, 150g of sugar, the two eggyolks & 100 g of flour.
4. Mix everything together&pour on pastry.
5. Decorate with sliced bananas.
6. Put in oven for 30mns, at 180 °C(356F?).

And enjoy :)

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