mercredi 14 septembre 2011

Just a sunny day in Paris.

I know I said I'd post and update often on this blog, but lately I haven't really had the time to properly do it, due to my come back to school& friends always being around at my place.

I feel bad seeing this empty blog, so I thought that a post about my favorite place in Paris could be a nice thing to do, since lots of you have never been to Paris.

So tadaaa.
Mesdemoiselles, Mesdames& Messieurs voici Le Sacré Coeur, in the middle of MontMartre.

Paris is full of churches&religious buildings, but this basilica is my favorite.

Why? I couldn't really explain it, but this truly parisian feeling that you have when you come near it, the streets crowded with tourists, the little merry go round with the songs of Edith Piaf, and the quiet, traditional yet alive neighbourhood of Montmartre just behind it may be some of the reasons why I like to spend my time there, just sitting on a bench or in the grass with music or a book. From there, you can admire a large part of Paris, eventhough this hill on which Le Sacré Coeur is built isn't the highest place in Paris.


I'm not the the only one to like this place that much, given that it's the second most visited sights in Paris, after Notre Dame.

What I really like about the history of that basilica, and that few people know is that Le Sacré Coeur is the result of a national wish to build a beautiful building to celebrate&adore Jesus, but also to expiate the crimes of the Commune(a dark time in the french history 1870-1871).
Thus this basilica is a symbol of repentance, adoration&redemption, which was financed by donations of people all over France.

For the believers, you can spend the night there to pray, which must be an amazing experience, which I may do this year.

The entrance is free, but unfortunatly pictures are not allowed inside the basilica. However this is a sight I'll always keep in mind, and will never forget though it's not my favourite for the inside. Still very pretty and impressive, of course.

I guess next post about Paris will be the neighbourhood of Montmartre, of which I unfortunately don't have pictures anymore, so this will come soon. Since the weather's pretty nice in Paris now, I'll probably go for a walk with friends there in few days and you'll be able to enjoy the pictures of this lovely place.


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