mercredi 28 septembre 2011


It's been quite a while since I haven't modeled often or on a more or less regular basis. I've been feeling a bit insecure lately, and this sucks. It really does. Modeling, as fun&not serious as it may be causes me a lot of stress. Meeting new people, having to face the camera, to show myself first without make up... To come with your flaws, and your curves, your fat blabla isn't that easy. But I've met awesome photographers along the way, and in one year, I've had the great chance to work with truely talented artists.

Here are some of them, I'm sure you'll enjoy having a look at their work :)

1. Pauline Darley.

Very talented& kind person. Quiet, sweet and I really hope we'll work together again soon :)

2. Pauline Franque.

She's the photographer I feel the most comfortable modeling with. She's genuine, lovely and we have a lot in common. I love working with her :)

3. Alyz

I remember when I was in my hometown, browsing among her gallery thinking ' oh my, if I ever get the chance to work with her... I'll be the happiest girl ever'. Indeed. She's sweet and knows how to make you feel good. Her work is breathtaking, absolutely amazing. I remember the shooting with her, the lovely designer : Delices&Gourmandises and the sweetest mua ; it was very nice. I really hope to work with her as well again. 

4. Marilyn Mugot 

She's a funny, adorable gal. Her work is always so soft&pretty. I really enjoyed working with her, it was a nice time, with two nice girls, since the mua was very friendly as well. 

5. Paul von Borax

The only man on this list. A nice man, with a wonderful universe. Always a pleasure to work with him in a very good atmospheer. I'll hopefully create some nice things with him in the future.

I did model for other photographers as well, and all of them were very nice to me, but I'll have to say these are the ones I feel the happiest about, and I'm a bit tired tonight so I'll let it here for now.  I hope you enjoyed discovering their beautiful work.

3 commentaires:

  1. You are very beautiful! All of these photographs are so pretty, so artistic... they belong in a magazine! :)

  2. You're so beautiful. And your skin...just perfect.