samedi 12 novembre 2011

Lady's Fingers.

Hi everyone ~

I had a malaysian friend whose mother always cooked delicious dishes, and she once introduced me to this vegetable : okras, gombos, lady's fingers, you name it.
I cannot unfortunately remember exactly how she cooked them, but I found some of these at a japanase supermarket (スーパー) and couldn't resist to try to cook them.
This recipe is kind of indian inspired, whereas the one I had the first time was more african if I remember well.

However, this was so easy to do( I was a bit afraid because okras can have a bit of a weird consistency but fortunately not this time) and  absolutely delicious. So good I ate it all at once( luckily it's only vegetables so it's not too bad for the "diet").

For this you'll need :
- 1/4 of red& yellow peper. 
- garlic& an half onion
- okras
- salt/black peper/ chili/ curry.

For the instructions&steps you can watch the videos :)

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