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"To be born, die, again be reborn, and so progress unceasingly, such is the law"

Allan Kardec

I often get messages about religion, many asking me what is mine or if I believe in God.
I don't mean to ram my views on that into anyone's throat, and have never intended to. I have always thought this was one of the most silly things to do. But I thought since lots of people seem to be interested in this subjet, and I guess my views on that are not the typical ones, it may be interesting to share it with you.
I was raised by atheist parents, and I remember being given pretty young a ' little book of religions', I guess in order to educate myself with the main religions. I wasn't baptised, and even if my parents were atheists as I said, I was sent to a private and catholic middle school. As surprising as it may seem to lots of you, I have only good memories of this school. On every tuesday we would have a sort of small mass in the school's chapel during which we would sing, pray and think about love, charity, poverty, acceptance and so on. We also had once a week a class, to study the bible and discuss whatever we'd want to.
So even if I'm not a christian, I guess we could say I have a christian background, somehow.
I know that many people are completely anti religious, always&only critisizing religions, blaming them for ... well almost all the woes and ills of the world.
I absolutely disagree with that. Religions are good, humans are too stupid to understand them. I don't think the   Pope is anyone special to be listened to, nor do I think that you have to be baptised, or to wear a veil or a kippa. I don't believe in dogma or rituals. I believe in what I think is the real aim and message of God, that is to say Love&Respect Life. Life with a big L, not only humans, but animals, plants, the environment. Love every form of life and try to be as good as you can everyday.

The Fox sisters who started the whole interest around spirits.

Now for what I believe in. Something like 4years ago, I fell upon a book entitled The Spirits' Book.
This book was written by Allan Kardec, a french teacher, during the 19th Century.
This books belongs to the five books of the Spiritist Codification, which reported the conversation between mediums and spirits. I'm not here trying to debate either this is possible, true or whatever, but I just want to say that many people such as Conan Doyle, Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas or Theophile Gautier and many scientists.
The basics of this movment are a belief into existence of spirits and into the possibility of communication between them and mediums. Here I quote wikipédia : "Spiritism teaches reincarnation or rebirth into human life after death.According to the Spiritist doctrine, reincarnation explains the moral and intellectual differences among men. It also provides the path to man's moral and intellectual perfection by amending for his mistakes and increasing his knowledge in successive lives." 
& "Spiritism is not a religious sect but a philosophy or a way of life by which its followers live by. Its followers have no priests or ministers and do not follow any religious rituals in their meetings. They also do not call their places of meetings as churches, and instead call them by various names such as centers, society or association. Their activities consist mainly of studying the Spiritist doctrine, applying spiritual healing to the sick and organizing charitable missions."

There are 5 important points in spiritism :
-  There's one God, defined as "The Supreme Intelligence and Cause of everything."
- There are spirits, created ignorant and simple but who are given the chance to evolve&perfect themselves.
- They do so, through and thanks to reincarnation. Every life we go through is a chance for us, to become better and to learn from different situations.
- Spirits are a part of Nature, and therefore can communicate with us.
- The Earth isn't the only inhabited planet in the universe.

Léon Denis, a famous medium.

What is the most important whatsoever, is that true life is the spiritual life. Spirit is eternal, and the material world is only a place for this spirit to develop its potential. The life we have now, on earth is a short segment of the eternal spiritual life. Once we are higher spirits, we stop reincarnating and we just stay as spirits gazing at God's light. It is also accepted in spiritism, that we can reincarnate into different planets, different kinds of societies and worlds. 

Spiritism can be seen as a christian doctrine, for it is based on Jesus' teachings, who is seen as the greatest moral exemple for humankind. It belongs to everyone to see it as such or not.

To conclude, spiritism is about love and improving oneself. It is a very interesting doctrine and discovering it really changed my life. I would suggest everyone to read at least the Spirits' Book, it can only do some good.
I hope it answered everyone's questions, and if not, feel free to let a comment.
I'd love to know what are your views on religion and so on.

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