vendredi 8 juin 2012

It's you it's you, it's all for you.

Someone should just tie my hands and stop me from blogging when I feel down, but halas. there's no one here to do such a thing. Don't worry I have no desire to complain. I don't like complaining, I've never liked to. I do appreciate sharing my feelings and moods with people, but complaining is very useless to me.
People ask me how I do to always look happy and apparently positive.
Therefore I thought I would answer this, right now. The key is probably love.
Love of everything and if I can say, love of everyone.
First of all loving oneself, not just like in loving who you are, what you look like and such,but more like loving you as a fellow, or no. a dear friend. I can enjoy my own company, my own sense of humor and I know what are my qualities, what are my weak points.What I can handle, and what is going to hurt me.
Seeing oneself as a friend is the best way to live a pleasant life. Because you would never put a friend in a bad situation  right? Treat yourself as a friend, don't hurt yourself with things you can't handle, people who  will hurt you and basically any 'bad' thing for you. It's all about becoming aware of oneself.
Once this is done, you'll be driven by the best feelings in your relationships with others. I find myself ridiculously  happy when I share smiles with strangers, when I exchange some words with people in the streets. I love people. And I try to be as kind as I can, all the time, because I don't want to believe everyone in this world is messed up&cold. I want to believe people feel the same way as I do, I want to believe they need love, they want love above anything else.
I've always thought and felt, deep in myself, that God had a plan for me, that I was a tool to help people being a little bit happier. Therefore, being happy,kind and understanding is the least I can do.
Love life.Love the rain, the sun, the sky, the ground. Be grateful for the light and the darkness, for the water and the food. Feel joy for being able to wake up every day, to see, to hear, to touch and taste. For the people you've met, the experiences you've had...and never give up for all the ones to come.
I wasn't always like that, I used to be a very pessimistic, depressed person. But I fought, and loving people changed me. Loving my family, loving friends, strangers, and God,obviously. But that is a bit more personal, and I guess cannot be true for everyone.
And comes a time in your life when you meet Love, the one who makes you a better person.The one you want to improve for, the one who makes you even happier to be alive, because you are able then, to know him or her.
Yes, the key is love.

3 commentaires:

  1. Yes, the key is love.

    Tu crois que ca solutionnerait l etrange crise que nous traversons ? Moi je le crois avec une aberrante naiveté :)

    keep on girl !

  2. You're so right, the key of everything is love, because if someone looks cold, it's maybe because he/she haven't recieved enough love in the past. Love can turn someone into a definetly new person ! :)

    PS : Beautifull photos ! :)

  3. I like your message tho I think in reality, much harder to achieve, for me at least. I like your u-tube videos and am in awe for anyone who knows multiple languages.