vendredi 29 mars 2013

Once upon another time.

These pictures were taken by the lovely Nichelle Singer.

Hi guys!
This post is a tiny bit different from my last entries, I hope you won't mind!
When I first arrived in Paris, I did a lot of photoshoots, and met some really really nice people. But for some reason, lately I haven't been feeling confident enough to keep doing it, or maybe I just didn't feel like doing it anymore. Most of the models will tell you they do it for fun, and I probably said it too once or twice, but to be completely honest, it's kind of rare I find it "fun". I actually like meeting photographers, they are usually really nice and interesting, and I've actually become friends with some of them, which is really cool. 
However I find photoshoots to be tiring and really stressfull. The fact that I haven't done any lately is a sign, to me, that my anxiety has grown bigger, and that's not good. Therefore, I think I'm going to try to do it more  often, and hopefully I'll start to enjoy it again. 
It's really frustrating and upsetting to feel a strengh in you that is preventing you from doing things, or enjoying them to the fullest. It really makes me feel depressed sometimes, but to eradicate this I have to fight it.
That's why I'll try to model a bit more often from now on.
I really like these pictures, they are really soft and clean. I have actually very few black&white pictures with minimal make up, so I'm pretty happy with how they came up. The photographer is a lovely student from Canada, you can see her work here and here.
Make sure to check her out ! :)

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8 commentaires:

  1. All beautiful pictures. I'm sorry your anxiety has been keeping you from doing what you like to do to. I've battled anxiety off and on for the past several years, at my worst I was having a panic attack nearly every day. What helped me most was talking to people about it, exercising, and rationalizing with myself. I had to come to terms with the fact that fear is a lie, we don't have to feel afraid. I think you're right about facing your fears and tackling the things that bring you anxiety head on. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you so much for such a nice comment.
      I'm sorry to hear you've dealt with that to this level. But I'm happy to know you're over it now. And I guess you're right, fear is a lie.
      I sometimes try to rationalize with myself, like even if that happens, then what? I know very well that nothing's going to happen to me, but still can't really help it in many situations. But I'm working on it :D
      Thank you for your comment, it really made me feel good, and that's such a lovely way to start my day!

  2. You look amazing! I know how you feel though... xo

    1. Thank you Colleen!
      I hope you don't have to deal with anything like that yourself too..

  3. i'd love to take pictures of you. you're such a wonderful girl, inside and outside. i wish you a lot of luck!

  4. I know you didn't post this just to get comments from people telling you how beautiful you are but you truly are incredibly lovely and these photos are wonderful. As soon as I win the lottery I'm going to fly to Paris just so I can have a shoot with you! Hey, a boy can dream, can't he? I hope you keep working on your anxiety and just take it slow and try to have fun!