samedi 30 mars 2013

Volare. Cantare.

I definitely am tired of the cloudy weather here in Paris.
I'm OVER it. Where is spring? Where the hell are the sun, the flowers, the cool temperatures, the birds, the thin cardigans and the sunny afternoons spent in parks?
And even more annoying and unfair, it looks like it's especially cloudy on the weekends.
With this gloomy weather, I can't stop thinking of Italy and how sunny it was. Warm and sunny. Well to be completely honest, it was SO hot that I almost passed out in the bus, and got an awful sunburn. But now it just sounds like paradise. Ok, I clearly can't complain next summer of the heat.

I have so many pictures of Italy that I didn't post, and actually few things I'd like to write about, but in this post I thought I would focus more on some good mood injection.
I hope you enjoy these little animated images!

Let me know what embodies summer to you? Or your best memories of summer!
I'd love to hear about them!

I had no idea I looked that stupid while wishing for something. Well actually the true story is that if you throw a coin back above your shoulder you'll come back to Rome. Not that your wish will become true. 

I was literaly in heaven, surrounded by cheese. But nothing beats french cheese. 

That is just beautiful.

I clearly tend to look stupid too often and easily, and also open my mouth too often on photos.

Lovely friend who is lucky enough not to be afraid of heights.

The Coliseum waas one of the things I was the most excited to see and it didn't fail to impress me!

where I look like an albino( no offense at all,  I just look really really pale here. and fat)

It was cheap and delicious!

I hope you enjoyed this post ! :)

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2 commentaires:

  1. I actually hate summer, but I do live in Australia where it is summer is ridiculously hot. Summer to me is getting in the car and being branded by the metal seat belt, or having four showers a day, going to shopping centers just to be in the air conditioning and sweltering Christmas days :) I think our winters are really nice. On a normal day in winter it would be comfortable to wear jeans and a t-shirt... no jackets needed :)
    I love your blog and videos.

  2. if it makes you feel better, in Italy the weather sucks too. ;)