jeudi 15 août 2013


First stop of my summer trip was Bratislava. I knew no one who had been there, apart from my friend's brother and he didn't even like it. Online, not many informations but that it is a small city, a cheap one that makes a good place to crash down if you want to visit Vienna.
I wasn't expecting anything particular, but I was pretty excited to discover the city, because really, it is in eastern europe, and I haven't found a place there that I don't like. But I had no idea my stay in Bratislava would be that good and lovely!
I had my first surfing experience in Bratislava. I have hosted people during this summer as you may know but I had never myself, been a guest. Well my first experience was a total blast!
My friend and I were hosted by an amazingly sweet couple, Robyn&Alex and their adorable dog Bubbles. I could go on forever on how sweet, nice, really interesting and funny they are. Hopefully we can meet again soon!
Bratislava is pretty small but very lovely. I am always amazed by the contrast you find in eastern europe between some very old things like public transports for example and the modern, clean, beautiful malls/cafés or little stores which are, wait for it, affordable!
After having spent only a few days in Bratislava, I could easily understand why my lovely host Robyn had decided to move there for a while. It feels good and peaceful, life's sweet and so are people.
It's not really well known, but it deserves to be!
It's definitely a city, and probably a country I will visit again!

3 commentaires:

  1. Looks great! It's always nice when a city is a pleasant surprise like this!
    I would like to see a photo of Bubbles!
    AND that salad looks INCREDIBLE! Save me some! ;)

    1. There's a picture of her on my instagram :D
      The food there was delicious! Ah...

  2. It looks amazing. I would love to paint those buildings, they have so much character. That church looks as if it was made of sugar. :)