mercredi 21 novembre 2012


I don't know about you, but food is a big part of my trips. As a vegetarian it is kind of hard to be able to enjoy the typical meals of the country I go to, for there is quite often meat in there. However I still do love eating, and trying new things, discovering new tastes, and eating in sometimes impromptu places.
As much as experimenting with food when you're traveling can be really a great experience, sometimes missing the food you usually eat, and really like can be a struggle.
I've been to few countries, but I've already experienced this feeling of craving something specific for days or weeks and not being able to eat it. Either because the product can't be found, is too expensive or need to be cooked, which can't be done in hotel rooms.
The two countries where I felt this way were Japan and Italy. Italy because there's meat everywhere, and because carbs(white ones) are a huge part of the typical meals. And I'm not eating carbs, or really few. I'm a bit of a nutrition freak, so even on trip I can't help but count my calories, think of the intake of vitamin, nutrientsn iron blabla. am i getting boring?
In Japan, breakfasts were torture at the begining. No real bread, no croissants, no cheese, no jam( but no bread anyway so why searching for jam?), fruits were hella expensive... I seriously thought I was going to turn mad every morning until we found Mr donut that just saved my life (let's just say that in Japan I had completely given up on eating veggies, non fried or not overly sweet. Actually donuts were the less sweet we could find there.
I was so desperate for cheese, that I almost spent 15dollars on buying a ridiculously goatcheese.
But I also was desperately broke, so I did not.
I know, everytime I'm going on a trip for more than a week somewhere (except for Germany or England) that food is going to be as much of an howsohuge joy as an issue.
Fortunately when travelling you walk a lot. A lot. So it's quite rare you gain weight. At least it's always been the case until now. pleasegodoftripkeepitthatwayiwanttokeepeatingsomuchontheroad.
So I thought I'd share with you some pictures that will make you drool.

Oh and btw, the lovely Colleen was great enough to let me talk about how much I love Tokyo on her blog!
Check her out, she's funny and super kind!

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  1. Definitely drool-worthy photos! I also count on all the walking while I travel to avoid gaining weight... Yes! Let's hope it stays this way!
    ps - is that eyeball in the glass from that horror-themed bar you went to in Japan?

    1. Yes it is! That tasted like candy, probably was jelly or something.
      The cocktails were really good there!

  2. Hi Emy,

    As a fellow vegetarian I understand the challenges of finding veggie-friendly food especially at restaurants. From your beautiful magazine quality photos, I noticed that in Europe they have veggieburgers at the golden arches, wow this is so cool! I did not know this. Here in Canada that is not offered yet. But if I'm in a bind and have no choice but to go to McDonald's I will order the pattyless version of Big Mac (and yes there is actually a button/code on their register for this so I guess they must encounter their fair share of vegetarians in the day which is funny if you think about it). Burger King does offer a veggie burger option but it is like eating cardboard, so a last resort to say the least. In terms of taste, I would rank Montana's Cookhouse veggie burger to be one of the best but I'm certain that is a North America specific restaurant.

    From the photos it looks like you still indulge in seafood, eggs and dairy products. I'm in the same boat. I haven't eaten any land animals for about 7 years now but I found it too difficult to entirely give up everything, especially eggs since that is used in so many recipes (eggbeaters just isn't quite the same) ... maybe one day.

    I thought the before-mix & after-mix pictures of the dolsot bibimbap was a nice touch ;} . Only problem was it made me super hungry! I could probably eat that every day, so yummy!

    Two of my favourite Youtube Korean recipe channels are :
    Maangchi and

    It's cool how Maangchi will often do a veggie version of her recipes too! Check them both out if you haven't already.

    I would love to see you post some videos of you making some of your favourite French vegetarian recipes too! That would be most awesome, as awesome as the fact that Depeche Mode has announced 2013 European tour dates with NA dates to follow thereafter yeaaaahhhhhhhh!!!


  3. awwww.... I don't even know where to begin... the food looks so utterly delicious that you made me crave Japanese food even though I just had roasted chicken :P When we were in Japan my bf used to be a vegetarian too but soon he learned to love Sushi ;) (probably because of my bad influence) I love meat..and fish. and Goat cheese! hehehe Japanese breakfast is no problem for me, in fact I would prefer to eat Japanese breakfast instead of bread if someone would cook it for me :) The picture of the Matcha tea is beautiful~
    and thank you so much for linking nekoblog! I just saw it an was so surprised!!

  4. OMG!! All that delicious looking food!

    I know how frustrating you must feel at times. In Korea, it's the same way. Fruit is super expensive, good cheese is almost impossible to find, and breakfast is pretty much rice and vegetables. I miss the traditional eggs, pancakes and orange juice at times.

  5. As a Japanese I also feel like foods are sometimes very junk in Tokyo. In restaurants and convenience stores we find limited vegetables. Things are super expensive in supermarkets. Compared to this Paris is a paradise... we are surrounded by fruits and vegetables.

    Well in Tokyo you can find some breads though in limited number of places. For example there are shops called vie de france and dominique saibron (sorry all written in Japanese). I am not sure of the quality and prices...