lundi 12 novembre 2012

Every teardrop is a waterfall.

This is a love confession to life. To all the simple, yet so precious little things of life.
I love chocolate. Dark one, especially before going to bed.
I love carrots.
I love seeing birds flying from my window.
I love my flat. The street I live in and my whole neighbourhood.
I love natural light, and particularly the gold one that lights up my whole livingroom at the end of the afternoon.
I love listening to 80's song while cooking.
I love the smell of vanilla and mango. Especially for soaps, creams and allthatjazz.
I love the sea, the big waves, the smell of salt and freedom, the sand, the seashells, the sound of water and the peace that it brings to my heart.
I love reading good books in a comfy bed, after a nice walk in a park.
I love flowers and trees.
I love animals. I love dogs, cats, fish, birds, rats, horses, cows, sheep, hens, pigeons, pigs..; you name it I love them all.
I love walking barefooted.
I love being outside at night.
I love applying lipstick and taking off rings.
I love lighting up candles and listening to sad songs.
I love taking the plane, I love looking by the window at night when there are big flashes of lightning.
I love clouds. I love love love love clouds.
I love to take new roads.
I love to find a sit in the subway.
I love to wear long dresses.
I love to exchange long interesting personal emails with strangers.
I love to check instagram before falling asleep.
I love fridays' mornings, because my sister and I don't go to school.
I love fireworks. And everything that makes light, especially coloured one.
I love picnics.
I love eating tomatoes in my aunt's garden.
I love men's smells, I love their arms, hands, smiles and voices.
I love vacuuming.
I love reading to old msn chats and looking at old pictures of friends.
I love polaroids pictures.
I love short movies, travel videos, music videos, and beautiful movies.
I love making videos, watching videos, replying comments.
I love round chubby fluffy things.
I love singing.
I love booking flights, hotel rooms and dreaming of everywhere I could go else.
I love being first row at a concert.
I love the atmospheer inside of churches.
I love reading about physics, astronomy, religion and psychology.
I love feeling small sometimes.
I love speaking korean eventhough I can only say few words.
I love licking mustard on a knife.
I love lying on the floor, and sitting in the streets.
I love blue things.
I love having long nails, and seeing my hair grow back to its normal lenght.
I love saying I love things.
I love sleeping with friends, and animals.
I love snails.
I love rubbing apricots on my cheeks.
I love sneezing.
I love the sun in the trees.

The list could go on&on. And that is precisely what is amazing. When you take time to think about it properly, there are so many enjoyable, lovely things in life. Everyday is made of so many little details, events, meetings, actions and words that just make everything worth it. Today I felt a bit bored, didn't know exactly what I wanted to do, didn't really feel like doing what I had to do, so I thought I'd share with you a bit of what makes me smile, hoping you'd be willing to share yours too/
And oh. I almost forgot. I love you guys.

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