mardi 4 décembre 2012

What should I say about Prague apart from the fact that I loved it and that I feel very sad to be back in Paris? Three days was definitely too short. 
Prague is a small city, you could somehow do it in oneday. But the moment you leave a street, a square or a castle, your heart starts to miss it and you want to see it once more. To catch a glimpse of its beauty, just to be sure you won't forget a detail that makes all the difference. I've always loved Eastern Europe, not knowing why exactly. I still don't know the reasons, but this love grows stronger and bigger everytime I go there. I fell in love with Prague as much as I did with Budapest, if not more.
We went there with my sister, by bus, which was much more comfortable than I thought it would be. lots of snow in Germany, and I fell asleep watching the white hills through the window, to wake up to czech radio. And I immediately felt at home. We arrived at 4:30am, walked to the hotel where we met two spanish&one argentinian boys, and then two boys from England whom I didn't take the contact infos, which is a shame since I really had a good feeling with one of them. Tootoobad.
We started our three days at 9, by a little walk on Charles bridge, everyday different, every day beautiful and  mysterious. Prague is a very mysterious and inspiring city, full of elegance and history, with an harsh and somehow difficult past, but for some reason I could feel no melancholy or sadness, despite the cold&gray weather. I knew from the very first day I'd be sad to leave, and I'd miss it a lot. I got used immediately to seeing the castle and the clock tower, and it was a little pleasure I enjoyed fully.
For the first time I realized how Paris is stressful and tiring, and for the first time I thought it would be nice to live somewhere quiet and peaceful. In other words Prague just accentuated this little spark that appeared in my heart in Budapest, to live in Eastern Europe. There is all I like. The culture, the litterature is amazing, the architecture is too, the history is so interesting, the politics are interesting as well, the atmospheer is so enchanting and powerful, the cities are modern yet peaceful, the countryside is close... It feels just like the good mixture of calm&urbanism. Not to mention it is close to France.

This week end was definitely too short, I can't wait to go back. Though I want to discover new things, places and people I could just come back to sit and stare at the Vltava, buy a trdelnik and walk up to the castle, then sit in Loreta church to listen to Mozart or Bach's masterpieces.
There will be another post about Prague, with many new pictures.

I hope you're all well guys.

2 commentaires:

  1. Amazing pictures!

    I have never been to Prague but I was at Budapest for couple of weeks few years ago. I think the buildings and bridges look similar, or are they not?

    Looking forward to your next post..

  2. ma ville favorite, bien que de nombreuses autres villes tchèque aient aussi beaucoup de charme ! tu peux faire le tour de Prague en un jour, mais tu découvriras toujours quelque chose de nouveau si tu sors des chemins battus ! j'aime sortir là bas avec ma copine (tchèque) et marcher, il y aura toujours de quoi alimenter nos discussions !