vendredi 14 octobre 2011

Easy&Healthy Fajitas.

Today I was so damn hungry when I got back from college, and I was craving for a kind of spicy/mexican food, which I very rarely have. 

These fajitas are incredibly easy&quick to do, delicious and yet they make you full they are very healthy. Apart from the cheese, it contains few calories&carbs which is very nice.

1. Cut any vegetables of your choice in squares, I chose red&green pepers, with tomatoes.
2. Add some spicy tomatoe sauce to the vegetables after 5/6 minutes of cooking, and let it cook until it gets the desired consistency.
3. Break and egg or two on top of it and mix :)
4. Heat the fajitas, add lettuce, and serve the mixture, with some cheese on top. :)

And tadaaaa :)

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